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1-Week Grace Period for Unvaccinated People Not Allowed in Malls

A grace period of one week was given for vaccination-differentiated safe management efforts from Oct 13 at shopping malls to be enforced, said on October 10 by the authorities.

In this Asiaone news, we will be covering the recent announcement regarding the new system.

Expanded Measures

On Saturday, the COVID-19 multi-ministry task force revealed that the extension of vaccination-differentiated safe management efforts to curb the infection strain to protect the unvaccinated population are set to begin.

Starting to take effect on Oct 13, the task force said that only the fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed to go to the shopping malls and standalone stores that are not big box stores. Standalone stores are the ones that are considered to stand on more than 930sqm of total floor area.

However, the Ministry of Health (MOH), Enterprise Singapore (ESG), and the Ministry of Trade (MTI) also announced in a joint statement that individuals who have recovered from the coronavirus, children aged 12 and younger and unvaccinated individuals with valid proof of negative test on COVID-19 will also be allowed to go to these places.

The task force said, “We are aware of concerns raised by the public with regard to the need for some unvaccinated individuals to access medical and childcare-related services in the malls. Provisions will be made to allow for access to these services.”

Implementation on malls

Both the MTI and ESG are collaborating with the mall owners so that tenants, mall operators, and the general public will be familiar with the new system. The authorities also said that before Oct 13, a more detailed statement regarding how the new system is going to be implemented will be issued.

“We seek everyone’s support to observe safe management measures and cooperate with the malls as they implement the vaccination-differentiated safe management measures. This will help lower transmission risks and slow down the pace of community infections in this stabilization phase,” the task force added.

Unvaccinated people can still do takeouts

On Saturday, MOH also stated that hawker centers and restaurants will not allow unvaccinated individuals to dine-in starting Oct 13, however they can still take away their food.

Gan Kim Yong, the co-chairman of the multi-ministry task force said that the extended efforts will further secure the full protection of those who are still not vaccinated.

He said, “There have been a few settings frequently visited by a significant proportion of infected individuals, including those who are unvaccinated, who later on feel very ill. Such settings include food and beverage outlets, retail establishments, and shopping centers.”

When the new system started, social distancing officers will do random checks of the COVID-19 vaccination status of those who will dine-in in these places. The diners are also required to provide their vaccination status on the TraceTogether app to be scanned before entering. 

Those who will not follow the new system and will break the vaccination-differentiated efforts will be subjected to warnings and have their details to be recorded, said the Singapore Food Agency and National Environment Agency.

“Enforcement action will be taken against repeat offenders and those who refuse to cooperate,” they said.

Vaccination programme status

As of writing, the total percentage of individuals who are still unvaccinated in Singapore is 19% while the remaining 81% of the population have completed their full regimen of the vaccine dosage. While 84% of the population has received at least one dosage.

The government has administered a total of 8,874,365 doses of COVID-19 vaccines which are mostly mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Cominarty. The vaccination program has covered 4,558,863 people, with at least 4,428,658 people have received their full dosage of the vaccine.

As of now, the fight for the safety against the coronavirus in Singapore is far from over, that is why governments around the world are doing their best to curb the effects of the pandemic. 

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