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Dogs Runs & Parks

A morning walk with your doggo is great but a dog run or a fenced place is perfect for your furry friend to move around, sniff and play. In these parks, they can also play with other canines and they can go unleashed. The only thing that you have to do is to follow certain etiquette such as not leaving your doggo unattended, picking up your pet’s litter, and keeping your social distance with others.

We at sg news compiled the best dog runs and parks around the country for you to take your dog and they are safe and secured. Each of the parks have also unique features that can benefit your bonding with your furkid so make sure to visit one that is near your place.

Parkland Green, East Coast Park

Although, it is not very common to see dogs roam around the East Coast area, at this newly available dog run they can run unleashed. According to NParks, the park was introduced last year and it is perfect because the area was fenced and designed to be secured.

Another amazing feature of the park is that there is also space for bird owners to bring their feathered pets.

Katong Park

Katong Park lies in the terminal of Meyer Road and Fort Road, the park features a comfortable dog run. The area lacks amenities like other parks but it has stone benches in an open space. The place is also fenced so you don’t have to worry about your canine roaming around.

Potong Pasir Ave 1

It was situated in Potong Pasir Ave 1, this dog park features a sandy pathway so you won’t accidentally step on a dog’s poop while walking. The other features of the dog park include a water point and benches for resting.

Dog Run at Bishan Park

The Dog Run at Bishan Park is probably the most popular in Singapore. The dog run consists of two pens separated by a fence. One pen is dedicated to small and medium-sized dogs while the other is for large dogs. 

There are benches for humans to rest and a tunnel for roaming around. There is also a water point feature for dogs to drink or wash if they are too dusty.

Sembawang Park

The park is situated on a slope so there is plenty of room for the dog to run around. However, it is good to bring water with you or go to the water cooler just in case the dog needs to drink.

Clementi Woods Park

The dog park in Clementi Woods Park also has sloped terrain, it is good to curb your dog’s excess energy. The amenities of the park include stone benches, tables, and a water point.

Jurong Lake Gardens

This dog park is located in Jurong Lake Gardens which also houses plenty of attractions for humans. This grassy field is perfect to set your dog free to roam around and there are even grassy mounds to serve as obstacles.

West Coast Park

This huge dog run has plenty of space for your dog to run about plus there are cemented pathways, tables, and benches with shelter and water points.

Another amenity of this dog park is that it also has a self-service dog station where you can wash, shampoo, and dry your pet for $10. It boasts a shampoo, conditioner, and flea treatment in its services. 

Tampines Central Park

The park has a wooden ramp and platform built by the citizens for the dogs to spice up their game. However, the park has no water point where the dog can drink fresh water if they are thirsty.

Bedok Town Park

Located near Bedok Reservoir, this park has a 400sqm space and it is a perfect place for you and your dog to have a quick play moment. It has mini logs that add an extra feature to the playpen, the park however doesn’t have water points so you might want to bring your water.

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