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Asiaone Instagram worthy spot

Singapore is one of the territories in Southeast Asia that serves as a cornucopia of rich culture and history. Served as a melting pot of three cultures, the city-state is considered a cultural hub and a gateway into the world. 

Home for millions of people, most of which are of Han Chinese descent and a few Malay and Indian ethnicity makes the culture of Singapore an amalgam of the cultures of the three races. Many historical sites and modern architectural marvels in Singapore are influenced by these cultures and a lot of them are so aesthetically pleasing that they are worth a few snapshots to be posted on your Instagram feed. 

Here are some of the Instagrammable spots in Singapore we curated here in straits times that you should add to your bucket list when you visit Tiger City. 

Gardens by the Bay

Should I elaborate more about this iconic spot? Gardens by the Bay is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Singapore, and it is also one of the spots that are worth a square in your Instagram feed. The colossal Supertree Grove and the captivating Cloud Forest surely will skip a beat in your heart. 

ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum integrates the beauty of both art and science and presents them into this wonderful masterpiece of a place. Take a voyage into the Future World where 16 installations are in it with each one deserves a spot in your IG feed. Thanks to teamLab from Japan for curating this wonderful collaboration. 

Joo Chiat

Joo Chiat is a cultural town located in the eastern part of Singapore that perfectly preserved their culture in this modern era. Take a stroll in the Koon Seng Road as you marvel at the pastel-colored houses that will pass you by. 

Little India

Little India is the cultural spot of the Indian-Singaporean denizens, it is located right across Chinatown. Little India is where the Indian descents congregate for a night of heritage foods and events.

Old Hill Street Police Station

Located in the Central Area of the city’s business district, it is an old building constructed during the British colonial period. The building is well-preserved and it is noteworthy because of its iridescent windows and walls that commands the attention of passers-by

Capitol Theatre

Capitol Theatre was established in 1930, it has been a venue for thousands of live concerts and theatre productions. It is a well-preserved vintage building that is worthy of any black-and-white theme Instagram feed. Like watching a vignette of silent films, this place is worthy of showcasing your classic side.

1 Altitude

1 Altitude boasts a promise to the visitors of a majestic view of the Singaporean metro while you are lounging in its gourmet restaurants and cafes. Feel free to snap a 360-degree panoramic photo while you are thinking about what you will write for a caption for this majestic place.

Marina Bay Sands

You can’t leave Singapore without ever snapping a photo with the Marina Bay Sands as a backdrop. The towers are illuminated at night and it is a perfect subject to curate in your urban desaturated feed. 

The Summerhouse Garden Domes

The Summer House Garden Domes is a romantic venue where you and your lover can dine under the stars. It is not just a perfect place for a romantic date but it is also a beautiful place for an IG-worthy photo. 

Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you are into the natural aesthetic, feel free to visit the Botanic Gardens in Singapore. It is home to 10,000 species of flora that are worth a square in your IG feed. The vibrant atmosphere of the gardens will surely bring your IG feed a natural look with a perfect choice of filter. 

No matter what is your preferred aesthetic, there is a Singaporean place for your IG feed. In your next visit to Singapore, take this list into account and fill every square of your feed with Singaporean goodness! Also, it is worth signing up for an account in an online gambling Singapore for the perfect bonuses and surprises.