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Asiaone Korean Hair Wfh Style

Zoom calls have been a norm in this pandemic-stricken era that forced many people to work from home. You might opt to don a pajama and remain make-up-less throughout the day but we all know that even with just working from home, we need to still look professional in front of the webcam.

Surely, you can wear a classic messy bun and get away with it but you can upgrade your WFH hairdo with just simple steps and a hairspray. We at Asiaone News collected some of the ideas that you can utilize from your favorite Korean celebrity.

Park Shin-Hye – Side Pinned

Park Shin-Hye pulled off this look that is so simple that you can use it if you are looking for ways to pull back your side hairs without making the pins visible. What you need to do is to pull back the center part of your hair and secure the sides with a bobby pin.

Jennie – Low Pigtails

Pigtails are so underrated because they can give an impression of being like a child. However, Jennie from Blackpink nailed this look that shows us that this particular style is ageless. This style is easy, all you have to do is part your hair in two ways, tie your hair on each side and that’s it.

Bae Suzy – Twisted Ponytail

Bae Suzy shows us that this twisted ponytail look is so chic and simple. Just twist your hair in the back and secure it with a claw clip.

Park Min Young – ‘90s Inspired High Ponytail

We all know that Ariana Grande started the high ponytail trend train but she isn’t the only celebrity who nailed that style. Just flip your head upside down and collect all your hair in the middle of your head and secure it with a tie or a scrunchie.

Lisa – With Bandana

If you are preferring for a classic and different look, bandanas can be a game-changer. Lisa from Blackpink sported this style and rocked it. Just wear your bandana like a headband with a slight fold for a ‘50s vibe. 

IU – Textured Mermaid Waves

If you opt for a textured and airy look, try IU’s mermaid waves look. Just apply a texturizing cream on your damp hair and braid your hair. When the hair is dry, undo the braid and slightly compress with your hands to create the final look.

Kim Sae-Ron – Sophisticated French Girl Barrette

If parting your hair to the side is your daily look, secure them with a stylish barrette. For a professional look, opt for mother-of-pearl and simple barrette rather than plastic to avoid a childish look.

Joy – Accent Braids

Joy from Red Velvet managed to rock this low-maintenance style by just taking two sections from your hair on either side and doing a three-stranded braid. Finish the look with a gingham top and a red-hue lipstick for a femme fatale vibe.

Rosé – Delicate Low Ponytail

Rosé brought low ponytail to a whole new level and made it her own. To utilize this look, make sure that you don’t pull your hair too much and secure the low pony with a gentle rubber hair tie.

Lee Sung-Kyung – Padded Headband

Padded headband made a comeback on the Spring 2019 Prada runway show where models wore a silky and cool headband. This style is different from regular and thin headbands, a padded headband creates an illusion of volume and when worn exudes an elegant feel and look. 

Actress Lee Sung-Kyung pulls off this look and it looks good on her straight hair. Try this if you have straight or textured mermaid’s hair and you can customize it any way you want.

These styles will definitely make your Zoom appearance a winner and refrain you from having a laid-back rushed look. What’s more fun is that with these looks, you can nail any online game at an online casino in Singapore.