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Asiaone Covid 19 Clusters

As of June 22, Singapore has reported 15 new cases of individuals tested for Covid-19, five of which have no links to previous cases. According to the Singaporean Ministry of Health, 3 of those cases were in quarantine and seven were detected through surveillance screening.

Two clusters were determined, one was linked to 90 Redhill close, the other is a foreign worker, according to the straits times.

The New Cluster at 90 Redhill Close

The new cluster in 90 Redhill Close consisted of one unlinked case and two linked cases.

The unlinked case named 64379 was a Singaporean retiree of 79 years old. Upon developing symptoms on June 21, he failed to seek medical attention. 

Two other cases were of close contact with Case 64379, one a woman of 69 years old retiree and the other one an unemployed Singaporean woman of 50 years old.

New Cluster Associated With Foreign Domestic Worker

The other cluster is involving an individual identified as Case 64233, she is a Filipino domestic helper, who got tested on June 14 and was deemed positive. 

One community case is linked to 64233, he is a permanent resident and identified as Case 64375. He was fully vaccinated but tested again and tested positive. He is now placed in quarantine and being monitored.

Unlinked Cases

One of the five unlinked cases reported last week was involving a 29 years old bank analyst. Another is her close contact, who also tested positive on June 21. A 36 years old driver and two retirees were the three other unlinked cases.

115 Bukit Merah View Cluster Spread

There were three more cases at Bukit Merah View Market, augmenting the number of cases on the cluster. An 11-year old student was linked to a previous case and two other cases involving an unemployed man and a middle-aged man working on a hawkers center.

Other 115 Bukit Merah View Cluster Cases

Two other cases were related to the Bukit Merah View cluster involving an old man who worked as a part-time cleaner at Henderson Crescent and a 62-year-old part-time cook at Marine Parade Food Center. 

More Unlinked Cases

There were two other linked community cases, a 23-year old student at Singapore Institute of Management and a 24-year old analyst at Axis Specialty. 

Places Visited by Community Cases

There were several locations in Bukit Merah, Redhill, and Tiong Bahru visited by the Covid-19 cases while positive.

The list includes 166 Bukit Merah Central, NTUC Fairprice, Tiong Bahru Plaza, and Redhill Market. Other public places like Funan, Sim Lim Square, and VivoCity shopping malls were also on the list.

Foreign Cases

Three reported imported cases were determined upon their arrival at Singapore airports. One was a Singaporean citizen and a permanent resident going back from India.

One particular case involved a boat crew member and he was a special pass holder. He came from Brazil on a ship and remained on board until they took him to a medical center.

Two in Critical Status

Some twenty-eight individuals who tested positive in Covid-19 were already sent home, the total recovery cases now increased to 62,098. There were a total of 173 people who are still subjected to self-isolation and two are in critical condition and needed intensive care.

Testing for Bukit Merah Central

According to the Singaporean health ministry, there was an ongoing investigation about the cases of Covid-19 on people who visited the NTUC FairPrice branch on Bukit Merah Central. 

As a safety precaution, all the supermarket’s employees will be subjected to Covid-19 tests until all the staff is secured. From June 3 to June 21, free Covid-19 tests will be offered to the customers who will visit the supermarket. To prevent getting infected, stay indoors and you can play in online casinos like sgpool.