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Asiaone Fire

It was reported here in the straits times that a fire has wreaked havoc on the seventh story of a flat from Block 557 Bedok North Street 3 on a fine Saturday morning this April 24, 2021. The news was from the Singapore Civil Defence Force or SCDF in a Facebook post. The news also went out from The Strait Times and Channel News Asia. 

The street near Bedok town Park and Bedok Reservoir, and other landmarks near the Pan-Island Expressway. The place is near shops and bicycle paths perfect for a morning stroll and drive. 

An Emergency Call

The SCDF announced that they were informed about the fire at 10:25 in the morning. They managed to rescue two occupants that were trapped on a narrow ledge outside their kitchen. The SCDF found the two people holding onto metal bars used to hang clothes. 

They said that the two rescued people were hastily brought to safety from the danger through the kitchen window where the metal bars were. Both of them were also subjected to smoke inhalation tests in the Singapore General Hospital. 

They also undergo a series of tests and to treat their injuries. The occupants were also briefed psychologically for their trauma caused by the fire to ensure their well-being.

The SCDF also pointed out that about forty-five residents were evacuated from the affected block to ensure the safety of the neighborhood. This was done as a precautionary measure that no harm will be done and minimize the risk of casualties if the fire spreads. 

Initial Investigations

The fire mostly affected the contents of a bedroom and the hall outside the flat. The affected contents were mostly made from light materials that augmented the power of the flame. The firefighters from Changi Fire Station were able to douse the fire by utilizing a single compressed air foam backpack and a single hose reel. 

The SCDF revealed that preliminary investigations into the cause of the fire determined that it was of electrical origin from a power-assisted bicycle (PAB) that was being charged at the time before the fire.

SCDF implies to the public to exercise fire safety measures when utilizing PABs and PMDs and refrain from leaving batteries or devices charging unattended overnight.

E-bike Safety Tips

The following safety tips and safety measures were posted by SCDF regarding the use of e-bikes.

  • Do not charge Power Assisted Bicycles (PAB) or Personal Mobility Device (PMD) or its batteries near combustible materials or along an escape path.
  • Do not leave charging devices/batteries unattended for an extended period or overnight.
  • Do not charge the PAB/PMD immediately after use.
  • Do not tamper, modify or attempt to repair a PAB/PMD on your own.
  • Do use a power adaptor that carries the Safety Mark and is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do charge the PAB/PMD on a flat surface to allow optimal dissipation of heat.
  • Do regularly examine batteries for any damage or deformities such as corrosion, bloating, or powdery residue.
  • Do purchase PMDs with the UL2272. Do purchase PABs with the EN15194 certification and affixed with LTA’s orange seal of approval.

Final Words

In a recent update, SCDF pointed out that several members of the public from the neighborhood tried to douse the fire with the hose reel before they came.

“Their quick-thinking act prevented the fire from escalating.”

SCDF will keep in touch with the people to praise them for their public-spiritedness.

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