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2022 is Kicking Off with 5 New Korean Drama Series

Squid Game, Snowdrop, and everything in between premiered throughout the previous months last year, but January 2022 is a quiet start to the new year in the K-drama industry. But there are still a total of five new South Korean TV shows on the horizon for the month of February alone.

K-drama fans have a lot of expectations for this year, but the business is still going strong and there’s still a lot to look forward to. There are several intriguing projects set to debut in January, some of which are timed to coincide with the forthcoming Lunar New Year vacation.

These include Netflix’s widely anticipated high school zombie show and a couple of hospital dramas. Without further ado, you don’t need to scour the internet to find the latest Singapore news on your favorite new shows as we’re here to give you the top five K-dramas to watch in January 2022, in no particular order.

All of Us Are Dead

Netflix’s new K-drama series All Of Us Are Dead, based on the webtoon Now At Our School, follows a group of high school students who become stuck in school as a zombie apocalypse takes over the entire city. Imagine hearing that SG news as a headline.

House Of Hummingbird actress Park Ji-hoo, School 2021 actor Cho Yi-hyun, and Yoon Chan-young of Doctor John are among the cast members of the new Korean drama. Also, Lee Yoo-mi, the star of Squid Game, will appear in an unspecified capacity.

Through The Darkness

In the 1990s, a mystery serial killer known only as Red Hat terrorizes South Korean civilians and frustrates the authorities, who attempt to grasp the attacker’s motive and habits. To solve the case of the serial killers, the Criminal Behavior Analysis team has turned to a novel American technique that involves creating a profile of the perpetrator.

With Kim Nam-gil in the role of Song Ha-young, a modest and reserved profile in the Criminal Behavior Analysis team, Gook Young-soo brings him into the fold, who is played by Jin Seon-kyu of Kingdom. Kim So-jin, the star of Escape From Mogadishu, will join the duo.

Juvenile Justice

If you’re looking for a legal-themed drama, here’s one for you. Juvenile Justice follows an adult judge (Hye-soo Kim, from the hit show “Hyena”) as she grapples with complex cases and learns what it means to be an adult while dealing with her antipathy to juvenile offenders.

If you’re a bit behind the celebrity news in Singapore or simply the latest trends, for the first time since Bad Guys 2 in 2017, Kim Mu-yeol returns to the small screen, while seasoned actor Lee Sun-min, who recently participated in Netflix’s 2021 film The 8th Night, also makes an appearance. A Netflix original series titled Juvenile Justice is scheduled to premiere in January 2022.


Tracer was originally scheduled to broadcast at the end of 2021, but it will now premiere in the coming weeks of January on both Wavve and MBC. An all-star cast plays a National Tax Service team that works tirelessly to catch tax evaders in Tracer.

Im Si-wan, best known for his role as Hwang Dong-ju in Run On, leads the cast as the head of the National Tax Service’s Division 5. Tracking financial transactions to find money that is being withheld from the government is his primary responsibility as a tax investigator.

His teammate Oh Young (the head of his division) and Seo Hye-young are also involved in the investigation. Son Hyun-joo portrays In Tae-joon, the head of the regional tax office in the hit series Hide and Seek.

Ghost Doctor

And finally, what most news Singapore outlets are excited about is Ghost Doctor, a medical drama starring Rain and Kim Bum, will kick off the K-drama calendar in 2022, and it will mark the comeback of Rain to our screens after three years.

The pop sensation will play Cha Young-min, a smart but arrogant doctor, in a drama on the cable channel tvN. Cha Young-min is embroiled in an unforeseen case that sends his awareness into the body of a different physician. This character is the grandchild of the hospital’s founder and his current chair’s son, Go Seung-tak.