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Nowadays, acquiring a BTO flat can take up to four to six years of waiting time which is too long for many. This is the principal reason why many individuals opt to buy resale apartments and make a few renovations.

Slowly building your dream home can be both stimulating and stressful sometimes because it can cost both time and cash. If you are daunted by the task, we are here to provide you with some intelligent and practical tips to make apartment renovations cost-effective.

Choose loose furnishings

Although built-in cabinets and customized furniture are beneficial when it comes to saving space and providing a lot of room for your items, the cost of installing these furniture is expensive.

Nevertheless, custom-built furnishings could have disadvantages if you decided to sell your property. The buyers of your home may not be pleased by the custom-built cabinets and closets and they may decide to remove it. 

By choosing a loose furnishing, you will have the freedom of rearranging your interior space once you decide on a change in your lifestyle and you will also be able to remove its contents when you decide to sell it.

Make a renovation in several parts

Actually, you don’t have to refurbish your whole apartment in one go. You can divide your renovating process in phases and small projects. Over the years, you can renovate one part and then move on to the next. 

One of the benefits of this method is to allow you to learn from your mistakes and avoid them the next time. These mistakes include choosing the wrong material, not planning out properly the sizes of furniture, these things can be talked to with your interior decorator. The key is to decide which room you are using the most.

Choose practical alternatives

Just like avoiding custom-built furniture, choosing practical alternatives when designing your apartment is the smartest decision you can make. 

For example, instead of paying the costly installation of a feature wall that can get boring to look at over time, you can choose to go with a wallpaper or a laminate instead. These alternatives are easy to put and also convenient to remove. 

Also, if the look of your kitchen starts to get stale, you can spice things up with a new color scheme or go with textures. 

Don’t go for less

While you are choosing for a cost effective renovation, you shouldn’t also settle for furniture with a low quality. 

One of the secrets to a practical home renovation is to combine high-quality expensive pieces with cheap items. This will save you more money instead of buying expensive pieces for all of your rooms. 

Before you make a final decision, consult your interior designer regarding the pieces that you want to include in your home and ask for where to acquire them.

Avoid installing a smart home system

While a smart home system is innovative and convenient, it is not advisable for individuals who are trying to renovate with a low budget. Building a smart home system can cost you at least $2,500 to $20,000 which is not practical at all.  

Also, a smart home system is vulnerable to hackers who can go further by stealing your bank account information or stalk you with your own home cameras.

The bottom line

If you recently bought a resale apartment home and wish to renovate it, make sure that you opt for intelligent methods to keep everything within your budget. We hope that the tips that we imparted on this article could help you make smart decisions in your home renovation. 

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