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6 Singaporeans die of Covid-19 complications; 2,553 new infections

An estimated six Singaporeans, aged from 78 to 93, have been confirmed dead due to the complications of the novel coronavirus which elevate the death toll in Singapore to 239.

Read on to find out more about the latest news in Singapore regarding the daily cases of the coronavirus in the city.

Recorded Deaths

According to the Ministry of Health on October 18, among the six, four were men and two were women. Four of those who died did not receive any Covid-19 vaccinations. Among the remaining two, one was fully vaccinated while the other is only partially vaccinated.

MOH stated that all of the six patients had an underlying medical problem prior to the contraction of the coronavirus infection, however, MOH did not elaborate any further information about the patients. 

In the previous 28 days, among those who perished with the same complications, 25.5 percent had already finished the full regimen of their Covid-19 vaccine, the remaining cases were either haven’t received it yet or only partial.

Ever since the rise of the Delta variant on September 20, the deaths that are associated with Covid-19 have been recorded on a daily basis.

New Cases in Clusters

In Singapore, there were a total of 2,553 fresh cases of infections, it consists of 2,008 new cases locally, 544 are in migrant laborer dormitories, and one case from overseas. The domestic cases also included 359 individuals who are aged 60 years old and above.

Of all the huge clusters that are carefully observed by the authorities, there were six new cases. The Bukit Batok Home for the Aged had reported eight new cases in their establishment, making it a total of 52 cases. The case consists of 51 residents and one employee of the facility. 

The United Medicare Centre in Toa Payoh also recorded two new cases, making the total cases in the cluster to128 cases. Among the recorded cases, 109 were residents, 19 were employees and one is a family member of one resident. 

Two fresh cases were also added to the My World Preschool cluster at Hougang Dewcourt with a total of 16. Out of the 16 cases, nine were students, three were teachers and four were family members of some of the students.

One new case was added to each of these clusters, MWS Christalite Methodist Home in Marsiling, Saint Andrew’s Nursing Home, and Apex Harmony lodge in Pasir Ris.

Number of Cases

In Singapore, the total number of active coronavirus cases now settled at 150, 731.

As of October 18, 15,132 of the patients are now recovering in their homes, while 3,209 were in public care facilities and 856 were in coronavirus treatment centers.

The number of patients that were in hospitals was 1,714, a rise from the number yesterday, among those patients, were 337 needed oxygen support. There are also 67 patients who are currently in the intensive care unit.

Vaccination Updates

As for the vaccination program, MOH also released the official report. As of today, 84 percent of the total population of Singapore has been administered the vaccine while 85 percent has received at least one dose.

Overall, 588,596 residents have already received their booster shots while 83,000 have set their appointments.

A total of 9,640,810 doses of the coronavirus vaccine has been provided under the national vaccination program in collaboration with Pfizer-BioNTech, Cominarty, and Moderna. A total of 4,559,408 individuals have already completed their full vaccination regimen while a total of 4,620,212 individuals have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

As for now, the Ministry of Health is closely monitoring the daily cases of the coronavirus and the development of the vaccinated individuals as the cases are slowly declining ever since the Delta variant has caused the cases to rise in September. 

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