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Asiaone Bag

We all have experienced buyer’s remorse at least once in our existence. It is a regret that we feel post-purchase that sometimes manifests when the feelings of elation before buying an expensive item declines over time.

This type of experience affects both hoarders and non-hoarders and it will continue to happen if we will not be intentional with our purchase. We are also familiar with the concept of the capsule wardrobe, it is a system of building a wardrobe that consists of timeless items that will surely last for a long time. It is investing on items that ‘sparks joy’ that is not only utilitarian but also can be paired with any items in your arsenal.

Here are some of the trendy bags that you can include in your capsule wardrobe that are stylish and economical according to Asiaone news.

Oversized Shopper Bags

Oversized shoppers are one of the trends that will never fully go away. These bags that come in exaggerated proportions are your best friend if you like to carry multiple items that are essential to your everyday life. 

The Givenchy’s Large Antigona Soft tote is an example of an XL shopper that is not an eyesore. Its spacious interior can give room to your daily articles, while the exterior is made of stylish soft leather.


There is nothing more unique than handmade pieces that are crafted with intention and precision. The Italian store MIRTA’s Opera crossbody bag is unique with its accordion-style circular body that will make any influencer cry.

The Classic Clutch

You can never go wrong with the immortal clutch bag, it has evolved from an evening bag to a staple everyday carry. Bottega Veneta’s The Pouch Bag is the new player in town, it is not just sophisticated but also functional. The piece also donned the iconic V-shaped cutout handle that symbolizes the brand’s name.

Functional Hobo Bags

The delicate frameless hobo bags are so practical and timeless. It is a perfect weekender bag for the chic but on-the-go femme. The Row’s Bindle Three bag is a marriage of sentiment and pragmatism. The laid-back look with the solid neutral-colored finish is the perfect item for the minimal millennial. 

Reinvented Duffel

The duffel bag has always been the traveler’s best friend as it has a large room for items that we carry for our cruising. It has transcended from its day job and now available in a stylish version thanks to Prada’s pocket bag that ditched the duffel bag’s reputation for being bulky by making it fashion-friendly and yet utilitarian.


Neutral-colored items are timeless and practical but they can be a bit sterile and boring if it dominates your wardrobe. Inject a pop of bright colors in your wardrobe that can summon positive feelings while you’re donning them. 

One useful tip is that you should invest in at least one bag that has the pastel version of the color that you already love. The La Medusa bags of Versace have a wide array of choices of colors that you can choose from to choose as an accent of your overall look.


Semilunar Form

A crescent-shaped bag is your go-to bag if you are looking for a minimal but modern look. The semicircular silhouette of these bags is perfect because of their simplicity and unobtrusive lines. 

Fendi’s Moonlight bag is the piece that gives you the best quality in the semilunar category. Its contrasting stitches and interesting gold details are what makes this piece of top-tier quality.

We hope that you included these items in the capsule wardrobe that you are building. You can never go wrong with timeless pieces that are versatile enough that you can pair with literally any item in your wardrobe. For timeless and classic slot games, sign up now on an online casino