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Asiaone Kitchen

Have you ever had a kitchen that is completely eye sore? Are you lusting for a fresh and different look for your kitchen interior but refusing to renovate due to the overwhelming costs? Fret not my friend, because you can create a whole new facet to your kitchen without sacrificing your whole budget.

Whether you are into minimalist Japandi interiors or rustic Country style, you can upgrade your kitchen with just altering a few elements of it. Here are some of the methods we collected here in the straits times that you can try to update the visage of your kitchen without renovating the whole thing.

Change the “skin” of your kitchen cabinets

In most kitchens, the kitchen cabinets take the most space in the area. The kitchen cabinets are the first thing your guests will see in your kitchen so changing the appearance of your kitchen cabinets will make a difference. 

If you both have a hanging kitchen cupboard and sideboard cabinet, then it is better to match the color and texture of the cupboard with the sideboard. Change the look and feel of your kitchen cupboards with a fresh paint that complements the color and texture of your countertop. 

Remember a rule of thumb: a glossy paint regardless of color looks cheap and a matte color gives your cabinet doors’ surface a luxurious texture.

Transform the mood with an accent wall

If your cabinets are fine, then the rest of your kitchen may be the problem. You can change this by changing the color of your backsplash with an accent wall paint. If you have a plain and overly neutral kitchen color then add a sudden pop of color into the mix by painting the backsplash with a bright salmon pink or pigeon blue. 

Overlay the countertop surface with a tempered glass backsplash

There is an increasing trend in homeowners switching to tempered glass backsplash because it is easy to clean and creates a whole new different aesthetic into a modern kitchen interior.

Install a tempered glass panel to your backsplash for a modern look. Also the tempered glass is heat resistant so you don’t have to worry about it being near your gas range stove top.

Replace the neutral kitchen gears with colorful ones

If you have a neutral colored wall such as off white or beige then adding kitchen appliances or cookware that has a nice pop of color to add personality to it. 

Make sure that the colors of the appliances and cookware compliments the color of the wall and countertop. You can add a lime green cookware in front of a plain white wall for example.

Install an under cabinet lighting above the countertop

Aside from the aesthetic purpose of under cabinet lighting, they can be utilitarian because they can add extra lighting for your food preparation tasks. Add an LED battery-operated lighting strip under your kitchen cabinet for a modern look. 

Switch into a decorative lighting

If you’re tired of the same boring lighting in your kitchen, swap them with a drop down pendant lighting that is decorative and stylish. Combine different lightings into your kitchen for an added personality to your kitchen.

Upgrade with a portable kitchen island

A portable kitchen island is not just multifunctional, they can also be great decorative pieces to your kitchen. One thing you need to note is the texture of the top surface of your movable kitchen island, it should match your installed countertop. A wooden portable kitchen island adds an interesting feature to your kitchen.

Add greenery like an indoor herb garden

Like any part of the kitchen, they need a greenery to liven up a somber room and organically clean the air indoors. Adding a natural outdoor element to your interior not only creates a fresh look to your kitchen but also adds a pop of color to a stark white backdrop.

You can also add a mini herb garden inside your kitchen, make sure that it is near your window as it needs sunlight everyday.

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