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Asiaone One Motoring Services for Singaporean Drivers

One Motoring is a digital platform that offers a wide variety of services for Singaporean drivers. Surely, you can physically visit One Motoring twice a month to check if COE bidding results are open but did you know that you can access these services online? Basically, you can now pay your road taxes, report vehicle incidents, and renew your COE online.

Visiting an AXS station or LTA Customer Service center can be a hassle because of the traffic or sudden weather disturbances, you can now access these services on the internet. It’s a good thing that customers can now enjoy these benefits and it is very convenient.

The straits times summarizes all the services available in the One Motoring online portal. Make sure to check their website for their digital services.

Road Tax 

It is necessary to renew your road tax once every six or twelve months upon receipt of an email or SMS notification.

It is wise to renew your road tax before the expiration date to avoid being subjected to renewal fees and fines later. However, you have to be sure that you meet the following requirements before you renew your road tax.

Vehicle insurance coverage

You have to make sure that you have vehicle insurance that encompasses the whole period of your tax payment. The car insurance must carry the third party liability for sudden death or accidents. We all know that driving a car without insurance is against the law.

Vehicle inspection

If your car has due for inspection services, you will receive a notification at least three months prior to your road tax expiration.

Unsettled fines from HDB, LTA, URA, and Traffic Police (TP)

If your car has an unsettled warrant from HDB, LTA, URA, and Traffic Police (TP), expect that it will delay your road tax renewal.

One Motoring is available all day for online road tax renewal except the following ungodly hours: 12 AM to 1 AM.

COE Renewal

Renewing your COE before the expected due date will prevent your car from being unregistered and disposed of. You can now renew the COE of your vehicle which is valid for 5 to 10 years depending on your vehicle type and capacity. 

Please be informed that if your COE is already expired but is still within the month of its expiry date, you can still renew your COE online, all you have to do is pay your late payment fee along with the Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP).

Ownership Transfer

Buying and selling a second-hand car will require you to transfer the ownership to the new owner within seven days. 

Take note of the following when you are buying or selling second-hand vehicles:

  • The car must not have any unsettled matters like road tax and financial loans.
  • The car must exceed at least three months upon the date of registration if it has a COE category of A or B. 

Inquiries on Fines and Notices

You can now inquire about the status of your fines and warrants online via One Motoring digital services instead of physically going to AXS stations.

All you need is the following requirements:

  • NRIC number or passport number
  • Vehicle Number or
  • Valid Notice of Offence (NOO)/ Notice of Traffic Offence (NTO)/Notice to Attend Court (NTAC)/Advisory Notice (AN), etc

Registration Number and License Plates

The online bidding sessions happen weekly from Friday, 1:00 am to Monday, 4:30 pm.

Accessible numbers for all vehicle categories will be posted on the One Motoring portal on Thursdays, 4:00 pm.

The results will be published the following Tuesday, midnight.

One Motoring is a powerful online vehicle registration platform, for an entertainment website that offers huge bonuses and exciting game titles, and creates an account in an online casino.