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In Singapore, renting a flat is already stressful enough, but for a Malaysian woman, her travails begin when she signs the renting contract. 

With the borders closed, many foreign nationals are forced to remain in the city-state and rent a room in an apartment. Not all have a lucky experience in their residence of having a kind landlord, take for example the experiences of this woman. 

On June 19, Wong’s frustrating experience with a landlord in Hougang was detailed in a post on a Facebook group Let’s Go Singapore by her sister. The post has since become viral on social media and received 1,200 likes and over 600 shares. 

Not a Private Flat

38-year old Wong rented a room in an apartment at Hougang Ave 10 she found on a Carousel post on April 30 with the aid of her sister. However, things started sour after she signed the tenancy agreement. 

She was told by the landlord that he installed two CCTV cameras in the room, one facing the bedrooms and the other is in the kitchen. He pointed out that he installed them for security reasons because the previous tenant forgot to turn off an oven and nearly caused a fire.

Even though she wasn’t pleased with the idea of the cameras in her room she still proceeded to move in on May 2. Her every move in the flat is monitored by the horrible landlord, said Wong’sWong sister on a Facebook post. 

Following the “House Rules”

She was even harassed by the landlord for utilizing the toilet every two to three hours and even told her to cut her frequent visits to the bathroom for reasons of conserving water.

“He said the water bill will go up because I used the toilet every two hours,” said Wong on Asiaone Singapore, who is suffering from urethritis.

She said also that the landlord even began to reduce the number of times she could wash her hands, use the toilet, take a shower, and even make a fuss about her doing her laundry twice a week. 

Bullied by Landlord

He even constantly reminded her of their rental contract, and even verbally abused her and even berated her and called her “shameless” and “disgusting”. He even told her not to leave the room whenever he had visitors.

To make matters worse, he even forbade his tenants to interact with each other, she added that he asked them to stay in the room if they heard a noise in the common area. Wong bore her suffering with the inhumane landlord until he started shouting at her when she was doing her laundry on June 18. 

Wong said, “He asked me why I was washing my clothes again after three days and threatened to raise my rent. I didn’t want to argue with him so I pointed out that doing laundry twice a week was written in the tenancy agreement.” 

Forced Eviction

The man was in a rage, he also attempted to evict her right away and even threatened her that he would be calling the police. Although both parties went on an agreement that she will be moving out within three days, he still gets infuriated after she used the shower that night.

“He banged on my door and told me to get lost,” Wong said. The landlord’s behavior that night even made her afraid that she had to contact the police for assistance.

Luckily Wong has since moved out of the horrible apartment and according to the Facebook post of her sister, she warned others not to rent a room from the horrible landlord and added that the landlord never returned her deposit. 

The online publication visited the apartment twice to talk to the landlord but no one is answering the door or the phone calls. The authorities confirmed with Asiaone that a report has been filed. Landlords are sometimes tough, let’s play on an online casino instead of being stressed.