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A Mother of Two Children Created an App That Books Babysitters

We all know that motherhood is not a glamorous task, it is a full-time job that involves a lot of multitasking, nurturing, and a lot of patience. 

There are times that even two parents wasn’t enough to handle the household, especially when both parents are at the peak of their careers. Well, fret not, because Aunty app is just what exactly most parents need. 

Aunty is an application that aids parents to connect with trusted babysitters whenever they need help in just a click. In this latest news in Singapore, we are sharing the incredible story behind this new application.

A lot of mothers really needed help

The inventor of the app who is only known as Amanda, shared the origin story of the application. 

She was a mother of two herself, and she knew about the common struggles of parenting in these modern times. She said that she has experienced all of these struggles like breastfeeding, postpartum pain, dealing with toddler tantrums, and sleepless nights.

The coronavirus situation is what drives Amanda to create the app.

It was last year when one day, she was forced to deal with an unexpected situation. During a  time when she needed assistance the most, both of her nanny and helper weren’t around. In short, she was left alone with no support to handle the children and the house chores.

Consumed by the chaos in her household at that time, she felt so exhausted both physically and mentally. However, in the middle of it all, a sudden epiphany illuminated her mind. That is when she had an idea to create an application that connects the mothers and the babysitters that live around.

That was when the Aunty application was born.

An application for babysitting that helps busy parents

In Aunty, parents can search for potential babysitters within the area, communicate with them, and then book them to help with the household. 

The platform is also an all-in-one app, parents can also book sitters for last minute plans. They can also book in advance just in case an important event is on the calendar where they need help the most. Parents can also pay the sitters within the application.

The hourly rates for the sitter’s job varies, the rates are displayed in the profile of the babysitters. The platform is the first babysitting app that makes background checks of the sitters so that parents can rest, assured that their kids are in good hands while they are gone.

Feedback from other parents

Feedbacks to the application from parents are mostly positive. They have noted that the platform is really helpful to busy parents.

One user said, “ Me and my husband never thought that we could go out again for dinner after we had a child. Now that the app exists, we can now have time for each other, other than being a parent. Aunty is a very intuitive app, I can book a sitter in just an instant.”

“Aside from the tremendous assistance that the app can bring, we can also be comfortable leaving our children with a reliable hand because the app ensures that only the qualified personnel can help,” said Luiza, an app user.

Lastly, according to a customer called Serena, “The application is of great help! My babysitter Cynthia also helps a little bit with our house chores, so that we don’t have to deal with them when we return home. She and this app are amazing!”

Final thoughts

Aunty application is available for download from the App Store and Google Play. For more parenting and lifestyle news just like this, please visit The Straits Times.