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The ongoing military invasion of Russia to the cities of Ukraine has caused condemnation from many countries all over the world. However, this doesn’t mean that all Russians and Ukrainians couldn’t be in harmony amidst the crisis.

A restaurant in Singapore being run by Russian owners couldn’t just stand idly by while the ongoing war has put their motherland in a negative light. Let’s take a look in this latest Singapore news on how these people are holding up.

The Facebook post

On March 1, took it to social media to address the pressing issue and asked for peace. In fact, the Russian owners pledged to donate a tenth of their total delivery sales to the charity initiative in Ukraine.

The business has been operating since 2019 and it is owned by Alena Zubovska and Vadim Zoubovski, the couple have been living in Singapore for more than 17 years. 

Even though the couple are born Russians, they revealed that their whole family used to live in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, and they expressed their concerns about the ongoing war. They also said that their prayers are for the safety of those who are still in the city and they hope that this crisis will be over. 

In a post on their Facebook page, they said “Our concerns and prayers are for those who are continuingly affected by the war in Ukraine and their families.”

“We began our business with the inspiration of the love for family in mind. This is why we wanted to share to our customers our dishes that were formulated by our families for a very long time. This is a safe space where people can celebrate love for food and enjoy the heart-warming environment that is inspired by family love despite the differences in our cultures,” said in the post.

In response to the negative comments, which have already been deleted, the restaurant said “Right now, we long for nothing but peace in these troubled times. We also wish that individuals would be less more careful with their words and stop leaving hate comments in this small and humble post that we have created.”

On the lighter note, the couple also stated that many people also messaged them online to check their status. The comments sections of the post have been full of encouraging messages as well telling the couple to ignore those who spread hate. 

A family-focused restaurant

According to the lifestyle outlet Alvinology, has a humble beginnings, it began as a food stand and then became an official restaurant in 2020. The restaurant is one of the few Russian eateries in Singapore which are owned by a Russian national.

The concept of the menu of is influenced by the grandmothers of the couple. Most of the dishes are made with the original recipes that were owned by their families and have been passed down from one generation to another.

Obviously, the main focus of the menu and also the best-seller is the pelmeni, which is a dumpling food. These items are the same with Asian dumplings but instead of ingredients of the stuffing that we commonly see in Asian cuisine like sesame ground pork or minced shrimps, their stuffings include smoked bacon, salmon, or lamb with potatoes. 

Final thoughts is one of the best restaurants in Asia that serves authentic traditional Russian food. Despite the ongoing crisis, it is nice knowing that a few Russians still want peace even though their country is in the state of war with its neighboring state. Let’s just hope that the wishes of the couple will come true, that the war will be over soon. 

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