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Asiaone Water Heater

A water heater is one of the wonderful additions to your home if you are in constant need of heat during the colder months. However, looking for a decent set that suits your preferences can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to buy it.

We at straits times have created a practical guide for you if you are seeking sensible information about looking in Singapore for the right water for your home. This will help you to be armed with knowledge before you decide to go on shopping for water heaters. 

Residential Water Heater Types

In Singapore, you can select between four variants of water heaters: Storage, Instant, and Gas Type water heaters. Within the category of instant water heaters, there are multipoint instant water heaters, basically, these instant water heaters don’t have a tank. The difference between this variant from the rest is that they can channel hot water more than the singular point.

How do Water Heaters work?

Basically, storage water heaters reserve water in a tank, the water then gets heated upon turning the switch on. The heated water then flows into the tap for use, then the remaining water is reserved in the tank. The external temperatures however can affect the quality of your heated water depending on the place where you reside.

Instant water hearts on the other hand do not rely on the tank of storage water. The heating element inside the unit instantly converts cold water into hot water when turned on. Water heaters of this type connect to a single point, unlike the multipoint one.

Gas water heaters do not rely on a tank either, instead cold water flows within the heat exchanger before being converted to hot water. 

Both Storage and Instant variant heats up the water using electricity while Gas water heaters rely on piped gas to heat them.

Waiting Time

Storage water heaters require a few minutes before the hot water can flow to your tap. For Instant water heaters, you can use the hot water immediately right after you turn on the switch.

Consistency of Hot Water

Storage water heaters are a winner when it comes to the consistency and water pressure of the hot water being introduced. It is easier for the unit to control the consistency and water pressure of the water that comes from the tank.

Instant and gas sometimes have a delay in the flow of the hot water due to the water pressure. There may be fluctuations in flow of the water and can cause poor temperature quality. 

Where to Place Them?

For homes with extra storage areas like a service yard or a designated area, you can place your storage tanks and there is no need for installation costs. For instant water heaters, they can be placed next to your shower fixtures. 


You can avail of some instant water heaters for under $100, for premium brands they can be obtained for a lot more than $100. Multiple instant units can cost $250, depending on the brand.

Gas heaters start at $300, and for storage heaters, they are ranging from $200 to $700 depending on the storage capacity.


The options for sizing are only applicable to Storage water heaters because of the tank. The bigger the tank the more costly it is, it really depends on what your family needs. The blogger tanks can accommodate the consumption of frequent shower users. 


You can easily get water heaters from your favorite retailers almost anywhere in Singapore. Common brands such as Joven, Ariston, Bennington, and Europace carry models of instant water heaters. For Gas water heaters, you can only get it on City Gas under brands like Macro and Rubine.

Buying water heaters can now be easy because you are armed with practical knowledge you can apply to your next shopping. For your sports betting habits, try signing up to online casinos for exclusive bonuses.