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Lindsay Lohan

Netflix will be having a Lindsay Lohan renaissance as the original Hollywood comedy-drama queen has recently signed a back-to-back two-picture deal with the streaming giant. 

With this SG news, we will shed a light on what we know so far about the Netflix deal.

The drama queen is back

The dramatic actress-slash-comedienne who is 35-years old has been renowned for her child star role when she played twins in The Parent Trap. However, she was best known as the iconic Cady Heron in the classic teenage-comedy film Mean Girls in 2004. 

According to the reports, she signed a deal with Netflix in which she will be the lead actress in two new movies in the works after she finished filming the upcoming holiday film Falling for Christmas which will also arrive in Netflix.

According to the Director of Independent Film in Netflix Christina Rogers, she said “We are ecstatic with our partnership with such an amazing and talented actress Lindsay Lohan recently, and we would like to extend our collaboration with her in the coming years. We are excited to present more of her films to our customers from all over the world.”

A holiday romantic-comedy

In her upcoming film Falling for Christmas, the actress will be joined by former Glee star Chord Overstreet. Lohan will play the role of a pampered heiress of a hotel where she got into a skiing accident and suffered a loss of memory. She is then suddenly under the care of an attractive, middle-class lodge owner and his clever daughter in the days before Christmas.

The upcoming Christmas movie is not the first-time that she delivered holiday fun into her movies. Her popular version of the classic holiday song “Jingle Bell Rock” while wearing a sexy Santa outfit along with other members of The Plastics in the Mean Girls has received cult status. 

Also, the director of Falling for Christmas Janeen Damian wrote and produced another holiday movie Christmas Waltz which starred Lacey Chabert who also played the iconic Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls. 

Recently, the stars of Mean Girls Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried and Lohan emulated the iconic four-way call scene in the movie in a virtual reunion on Instagram. The actresses recited their lines from the scene alongside a clip from the original scene.

A major comeback in acting

Although, the specific details about the two new movies are still under wraps. Lohan is set to be married to Bader Shammas who is a banker in Dubai. The partnership with Netflix is an indicator that the actress will make her major return to film and television acting full-time after several years of being in and out of the industry.

In the past few years, Lohan has been appearing in the comedy series Sick Note that was released in 2018 along with her co-star Rupert Grint who is world-renowned as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter films. 

In the series, Lohan played the role of Katerina West who is the daughter of the boss of Rupert Grint’s character. Katerina replaced his father Kenny who is a domineering boss after he died from an apparent suicide. 

The actress captured the balance of Katerina’s calm demeanor and a slight menacing quality. She also displayed another side of her acting abilities while retaining her humor which is what made fans fall in love with her role as Cady Heron. She also starred in the comedy-horror film Scary Movie V, both titles are currently streaming on Netflix.


Lohan definitely revived her career starting from appearing in absurd roles like Katerina. The deal with Netflix is a good way to reintroduce the iconic actors from the early 2000s to the new and younger audience and fans. Even though the upcoming holiday is far from the caliber of the Mean Girls era, it will definitely suit the performing-ability of the actress. 

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