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Nokia 3310

Whether you are a music lover who likes to listen to Spotify on your daily commute, catching up on the latest Netflix series, responding to WhatsApp messages, or just updating your grid at Insta, these tasks were not possible without the use of smartphones.

However, even though the convenience of smartphones is innumerable, one Singaporean actor named Li Nanxing still prefers using old models of mobile phones. 

An actor’s preference

In an interview with Singapore news publication Lianhe Zaobao, it was disclosed that the television’s “Big Brother” is still attached to his favorite mobile phone, which is an old and simple Nokia 3310.

Considering that the actor’s phone cannot support smartphone apps such as Telegram or WhatsApp, the manager of Nanxing said to the interviewer, “This is why whenever we want to contact Nanxing, we have to call his phone directly, but sometimes we fail to contact him.”

To make communication easier within the office, his co-workers tried to persuade the 57-year-old actor to utilize a smartphone. Although, despite all of their efforts, after experiencing the interface of the modern phone, he still preferred his Nokia phone.

The new 3310

To ease the confusion of those who are much younger individuals, the Nokia 3310 was the most popular phone before when it was first introduced in 2000, and it was the first mobile phone of many individuals. However, the brand became outdated and their models were phased out in 2013. 

The brand was revitalized a few years later, and the newly-improved Nokia 3310 was introduced in 2017. The device still looks just like the old models with the exception of the new colored screen, and a modern improvement of the beloved Snake game and a camera with a 2mp resolution.

News outlet Lianhe Zaobao has spoken with Singaporean celebrities to determine if they have kept their mobile phone number unmodified after 20 year, and who they would like to hear from when they want to use it to call someone. 

This question came after Taiwanese star Barbie Hsu revealed that she will be marrying her old lover, South Korean disk jockey Koo Jun-yup or best known by his stage name DJ Koo. The couple got together after Jun-yup called Barbie’s phone number which she had kept for 20 years and they eventually reconnected.

According to the manager of Nanxing, she said that he updated his phone number and there is a high probability that he will never hear from his old friends. 

She further elaborated, “I remember Naxing told me that, whenever he needed to borrow cash from someone, he would call at least 1,000 individuals and he couldn’t get a single response. What this means is that people are now very practical nowadays.”

Account breach incidents

Earlier this year, Li Nanxing’s official Instagram account was compromised and the hackers were messaging fans to lend him money. 

On January 18, Nanxing and his team posted on his official Facebook page to alert his supporters that his Instagram account was hacked and urged his fans to not respond to any messages from the perpetrator. 

According to a publication, the 57-year-old actor and model stated that the incident happened around 2am and when he noticed that he couldn’t log in to his Instagram account he alerted his team to find a solution.

It wasn’t the first time the instagram account of the actor was hacked to use his name to scam his supporters on the internet. 

Nanxing said that a hacker before sent him an email that urges him to call a particular phone number if he wants to reclaim access to his Instagram account. 


Despite the multiple benefits of technology, incidents like what happened to Li Nanxing still happen. This is why some people prefer an older device to prevent some of these technological incidents.