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Adele postpones Las Vegas residency with tearful Instagram video

Like with many things, COVID has caused Adele to postpone her three-month residency in Las Vegas.

In honor of her critically acclaimed album 30, Weekends with Adele, she was scheduled to perform at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum starting on January 21st, 2015.

Spotify’s most-streamed song of the day was Easy On Me (its first single in a long while), a plea for forgiveness from her ex-husband and small son after she ended their marriage. About 85 USD and more than 5,000 USD for platinum packages, tickets to the show are available. Resale websites were listing tickets for the concert for thousands of dollars.

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It was met with mixed reactions

The last-minute decision enraged many of the team’s supporters. Several people expressed dissatisfaction with social media. Only one Twitter user commented on the lack of strategic thinking that went into putting on a spectacle like this during a pandemic.

Customers who spent money to go to Vegas for the concert are angry that it was abruptly canceled. What made the SG news headlines is the video that shows Adele wiping away tears and looking visibly unhappy that she posted to her Instagram account.

However, Adele’s Instagram post was also backed by a slew of supporters. The coronavirus is affecting everyone emotionally since no one is demonstrating to us how to alter our assumptions of ourselves and others, according to Glennon Doyle, the self-help expert whose work proved enlightening to Adele following her divorce.

That we are the ones destroying ourselves trying to bring life work like they did before and we can’t do it was an additional point made by him. We can’t get things to work, but it seems like we can’t say that. It’s because no one has the guts to say “No, we can’t do that right now.”

Other artists, such as Adam Lambert, Reba McEntire, and Pink, have expressed their support as well. Pink went on to explain that she feels terrible for the fans and that the strain is too much for her. She gave me the reassurance that everything will work out and that it would be fantastic.

About the Vegas residency

As originally planned, the residency began on the 21st of January with a performance at Caesar’s Palace Colosseum on the Vegas Strip. In case you missed the Singapore news, until April 16, Adele was supposed to perform each Friday and Saturday, with a two-day break on February 18-19.

Fans and reviewers alike have eagerly anticipated Adele’s upcoming residency. A Singapore news outlet hailed her as a “slyly subversive choice for a Vegas residency,” bringing an album on the fallout of breaking up her life to a place associated with a light relief, entertainment, and celebrating adult accomplishments.

Elvis Presley, Celine Dion, and Britney Spears have all performed in Las Vegas before her.

For such an artist known for her talkative personality, conversational way of touring, the Vegas residency will mark a turn toward more intimate events, with the residency currently happening in a relatively tiny 4,100-seat arena compared with Adele’s past world tours.

It doesn’t “Go Easy” on her from here

According to many news Singapore sources, the singer had to postpone the final two shows of her previous tour at Wembley Stadium in 2017 due to vocal cord damage.

In the midst of Adele’s production issues and illness in her team, other Vegas events have gone on as scheduled.

Katy Perry‘s residency on the Las Vegas Strip began three weeks ago, and the reviews were generally excellent.

Large talking furniture, an enormous red rocking horse, and a moving alarm clock are just some of the items in her “Perry Playland,” which she refers to as “Perry Playland.”

As described by both Billboard magazine and the Las Vegas Review Journal as a “magnificent instance of what an unrestrained imagination can achieve,” the show was “part fantasy, part hallucination, and thoroughly high-camp,” according to Billboard.