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Adventures at Home: Let’s Rediscover Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam was once revered as the seat of power of the Malay royalty. In the present, it is now Singapore’s cultural hub and home to cultural establishments, thrift shops, old restaurants, and colorful street art.

We are grateful to the National Heritage Board for preserving the culture and structures in this wonderful and vibrant district. Take your adventure into the Kampong Glam Heritage trail and rediscover the magic of Kampong Glam.

In this Singapore news, we are transporting you into one of the revered districts in Singapore.

Visit the Malay Heritage Centre 

Your first stop is the Malay Heritage Center, admittance is free and people can enjoy walking round the museum. The heritage center is divided into six permanent galleries with each one detailing the rich heritage and history of the Malay pilgrims of Singapore.

Take a pose for photographs and learn the history of Masjid Sultan    

When you are lost in the Kampong Glam, just look up and you will see a majestic mosque with a golden dome, Masjid Sultan. The mosque was erected in 1824, by one of the most powerful monarchs in the Malay peninsula, Sultan Hussein. Today, it is regularly visited by Muslim devotees on Friday but it is open for Instagramers on the rest of the week.

Take a shopping at Bussorah Street

After you go into the mosque, you will be transported into the heart of the district, Bussorah Street. The place is so busy and has many shops and diners, like Habib Crafts, JNA Creationz, and an old diner, Bhai Sarbat.

Eat lunch at Zam Zam 

After a long walk and you hear your stomach growl, feel free to eat lunch in one of the popular restaurants in this district, Zam Zam. Located in North Bridge Road, in this place you can order one of the best offerings of murtabak and biryani.

Buy perfumes at Jamal Kazura Aromatics

If you are into perfumes and aromatics, you can visit one of the oldest establishments in the area, Jamal Kazura Aromatics. This shop has sold non-alcoholic perfumes for decades and their creations are created using natural processes of essential oils, extracted from a variety of flowers, spices, and herbs.

Study how to dance at the Aliwal Arts Centre 

The Aliwal Arts Center is home to the performing arts cultures in the city. It was a school back in 1938 and was renovated in 2011 as a heritage site. The establishment houses a dedicated space for studying several Singaporean performing arts.

Now the palace is home to several art pieces and it hosts regular live performing arts events. If you are interested in learning how to learn traditional dance, please visit this place.

Take a picture under the gelam trees at Sultan Gate Park

If you are an influencer in your own right, there are many Instagrammable spots within the district, one of them is the various gleam trees at Sultan Gate Park. It is located between Aliwal Street and Kandahar Street. The trees have many practical uses from making boats and food seasonings and you can pose under their shade.

Visit the street art at Gelam Gallery

Back into Muscat Street, you will find a Gelam gallery. The place is home to one of the most intricate street arts in Singapore decorated the walls of this street. Many local and international street artists have painted on these walls. 

Go to the shophouses of Kampong Glam

Along North Bridge Road, you will find a lot of shophouses with a variety of styles and colors. These places are definitely worthy of a few squares in your Instagram feed. Feel free to explore this area and unleash your most creative poses to capture the essence of this district.

Kampong Glam is definitely worth a visit, make sure that you bookmark this page to give you a guide if you are planning to visit this place or check out their website.

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