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Asiaone Valorant

Part of what makes Valiant a successful game, apart from the free-to-play aspect, are their maps. All the design elements, as well as engaging gimmicks, are all combined to deliver unique and interesting battlegrounds for the already-fascinating selection of agents that the game has.

Whether you’re having difficulty getting around some of these maps, The straits times is here to give you a quick tour of what makes these maps tough to crack.


This map is inspired by the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. The game features a two-site location with a big open space in the middle which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on which team you’re playing as. Don’t let the peaceful vibe of the scenery fool you as this map can be a little bit tricky if you let your guard down.

Entry sites are quite a long walk and tight angles are commonly being taken advantage of by Operator agents. The Ascent map has two orbs that agents can gather, one for each site.


Based in the vast lands of Morocco, it is very reminiscent of Counter-Strike Dust 2. This map’s main gimmick is the teleporters that can quickly turn the tables unexpectedly if you and your teammates are not careful. Each teleporter can conveniently get you access to each bombsite with ease.

It is worth noting that these teleporters, however, make an extreme noise when used so you have to be extra careful and avoid using them if your goal is to make a quick rotation without getting noticed and caught.


This map brings a cozy Caribbean vibe complete with beach and coast settings. Unfortunately, not every player is a big fan of this new map. The whole battlefield has multiple entry points, making both attacking and defending quite a nuisance even for a team with a great agent composition.

Its middle space has a wide-open area that can be both utilized by the attacker team and the defending team. Simply put, this map will always make the players on their toes on this tricky map. You are on no vacation here, obviously.


This relatively new map has become one of the clear favorites and is regarded as one of the best new additions to the game. The main thing about this map is that the attacking team both have easy access to both sides of the map with the help of zip lines that go all across the other half of the playing field.

The defending team spawns in the very middle of the map. This makes it quite challenging for the defenders to react quickly in different situations as attackers can literally come from any direction if they are not careful.


Haven is a three-site map that many fans love. The map is inspired by the small nation of Bhutan. Despite having three planting sites, the map has a significant number of strategies that can be executed regardless of the team composition.

It can be quite challenging to cover the entire space and communication with your team is a must in this map. You can expect lots of quick rotations and mind games when playing on this open map. Haven has orbs that can be found near A and C.


Icebox is a very interesting arctic map that’s based on Bennet Island in Russia. This two-site map has some narrow gaps and tight corridors, as well as a variety of verticality, unlike other maps. In fact, both bomb sites have varying heights so both the attackers and defenders need to be extra careful when planting or defending respectively.

Rotations can easily be done in maps like Icebox. This is why agents like Raze, Jett, and Omen can get around this map relatively with ease. The rest literally need to watch their backs all the time.


Based on Sibuya of Japan, this map features a variety of areas unique to the game such as local shops, sewers, and more. The map is unique for its semi-futuristic and traditional structures found across the entire map. The map also has a handful of verticality which adds an extra layer of challenge for both the attacker and defender team.

Many players underestimate the sewers, vents, and rafts that are available on this map. If anything, they are the key in traversing the whole map with so much ease, making quick rotations possible on a whim.