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American-style diner The Beast is closing on Nov 10, has 1-for-1 chicken & waffles promo as a goodbye 'gift'

As the Covid-19 virus cases continue to plummet each week, the city-state continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic. The industry that was hit the most was the service industry and Singapore has faced many closures of restaurants and bars that served many Singaporeans pre-pandemic.

In this latest news in Singapore, we are revealing the details about the closure of this famous Singaporean diner.

The Closure

Even the continuous recovery of the economy couldn’t stop the closure of one of the popular American-style diners in the metro, The Beast. Known for its Southern and Cajun offerings, the diner will not resume its operation anymore. The diner announced its last day of operation on November 10.

In recent emotional Facebook and Instagram posts, The Beasts delved into nostalgia as they recalled the past eight years of service and they gave their immense gratitude towards the support of their customers these past few years.

Final Day Promo

Even though the restaurant is expected to throw a big farewell party on its final day, they can’t do it because of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions being enforced in the country.

Instead of a farewell party, The Beast decided to provide a last gesture of gratitude as they announced a promotion of one-on-one dine-in service for their customers with their bestseller chickens and waffle dish.

The Beast is considered as the original Chicken and Waffles restaurant in Singapore and they are proud to say that they were the first one to provide this iconic food in the metro, as they said in the post.

To avail of the promotion, one has to take a picture while placing your order and post it on Facebook or Instagram.

Reason for Closure

They revealed that the pandemic is the main reason why they are not renewing their lease and why they are forced to close.

They also called Covid-19 the “mother of all beasts” because of its immense impact on the restaurant industry.

The strict restrictions and social distancing measures being imposed by the government have led to the reduction of the number of tables used by 25 percent. Also, the current rules that were imposed to only permit two diners at a time have reduced the capacity of the diner by 66 percent.

Live Performances

The ambiance of the restaurant was affected also by the strict restrictions as they are known for their live performances, background music, and crowded spaces.

The restaurant laments, “The essence and heart of The Beast have been lost.”

The diner is known for its notoriety because of street parties and open mic sessions which presents performances ranging from Austrian classics, Southern folk music to American pop. Their weekly live performances also launched the careers of local artists like Johan Lee, Tyen Rasif, Elsa Faith, and Qyo.

The Beast also said that they are looking forward to seeing these local acts perform again in the flesh when live music is permitted once again.

Popular Dishes

Aside from their Chicken and Waffles, the restaurant is also popular with their Southern dishes. Their Beast Burger is considered for its monstrous size and anyone could pair it with a 1-liter mug in Oktoberfest.

Celebrations are also the theme of their menu with their Nasi Lemak that you can celebrate with National day, as for Independence Day, one can include their outdoor BBQ and their tasty hot dogs.

Final Words

As they lament their impending closure, they also celebrated their gratitude towards those who have been a part of their long journey in serving American-style dishes in Singapore.

However, this may not be the final destination of The Beast as they said in the post that they are laying low for a while and focusing on other projects and when the time is right they might regroup and open a new restaurant.

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