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Apple & Hermes

In the recent Apple event, the tech giant has yet made buzz over the internet about their newest product called the AirTags. To save you some time, this piece of tech helps users keep track of items such as bags, car keys, house keys, and even luggage using advanced Bluetooth technology.

These neat coin-sized trackers weigh very lightly and are made up of white polycarbonate material with a polished metal cover at the back. Additionally, these AirTags work best with the recent iOS and iPhone 11 and 12 models.

Cheap, yet luxurious

The demo showed a variety of sleek accessories that go along with these AirTags. Not only do they look glamorous, but they can also be used in pretty much any personal belongings. What made the event more interesting is that Hermes has teamed up with Apple to introduce the custom-made Apple AirTag Hermes.

These accessories are so stylish and fashionable. They are made of either Swift calfskin or Barenia calfskin and they can be attached and tied to anything that needs safekeeping like handbags, keys, wallets, and travel luggage.

The materials used are nods to the horse-racing token holder in the early 20th century. And yes, that exact horse racing stuff you’d also typically find in a singapore online betting.

Keeping the partnership going

If you might recall, it is actually not the first time that Apple is doing a collaboration with Hermes. Their first team-up dates back to 2015 when they first introduced the Hermes Apple Watch.

Speaking of Apple Watches, Hermes also has just released the new Jumping Series of their latest sporty fabric straps which features colorful Single Tour water-resistant bands complete with Hermes’ H Vibration motifs.

That said, long-time Apple fans are not entirely surprised by this new team-up for the big Apple’s newest gadget. If anything, their business relationship is more evident and further established at this point.

Additionally, new updates were also given to the Attelage Apple Watch Hermes collection with new double tour bands. The straps you can choose from are the Bleu Saphir, the classic Noir, Blanc, and Rose Mexico, all made in Swift calfskin.

But wait, there’s more!

But that’s not all. If you think AirTags are the only thing that gets new accessories, then you’d be wrong.

It was also announced that there will also be new Hermes phone cases exclusively made for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro. The case will be made out of Barenia calfskin which is a full-grain leather with a classic silky texture and feel to it.

It has got to be one of the fanciest and gorgeous-looking iPhone cases yet. In addition, the phone case is fully compatible with Apple’s wireless charging pod, the MagSafe. Now you don’t have to sacrifice elegance with convenience. It’s going to be a completely splendid wireless charging experience.

Are you getting yourself one?

If you are very much interested in getting yourself some Apple AirTag Hermes, they’ll be launched across Singapore through Hermes’ website on April 30 but preorders can already be made starting April 23.

The Apple Watch Hermes bands, on the other hand, will be on sale starting April 28 but pre-orders have already been made available since April 20. And lastly, the Hermes iPhone case will be released on April 28 as well and its pre-orders have already been made available since April 23.

All these Hermes x Apple product collaborations will be available online on and at physical stores Hermes Takashimaya and Hermes Marina Bay Sands.

Please note that the AirTag requires the latest iOS or at least iOS 14.5 version across iPhones, iPod touch, or iPads.So, what do you think of these announcements and products? Will you be getting the latest color variant of iPhone 12 or the AirTag has piqued your interest? Make sure to let us know! For more of the latest tech news, keep it here at straits times.