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Asiaone Apple Mac and Ipad

Apple recently unveiled the new iPad Pro that runs with the powerful M1 chip. This same chip also powers the 24-inch iMac and all other Mac devices such as Mac Mini Desktop, MacBook, and Air laptops. 

For the past few years, some Apple fans secretly hoped that Apple would merge the Mac and iPad products so that they will experience the same device capabilities that are only available right now on the Windows products. 

However, Apple is shutting down these speculations and continues to deny any plans of unifying their desktop and tablet products stating that they are continuing to create the best products in each category. 

Launch Video Speculations

The fan’s speculations grew more when in Apple’s recent launch video, Tim Cook disguised as a different person in a stunning Mission Impossible-Esque performance stole an M1 chip from a Mac and dropped it into an iPad Pro.

As the year progresses, fans noticed that the iPad is looking greater and greater enough as a replacement for Mac. News Singapore. elaborates further on these similarities and differences.

The iPad and MacBook are getting more and more similar these past few years. After Apple released the macOS Sur last year, this brought a massive design overhaul when it comes to the UI of Mac getting more like the iOS of iPhone and iPad. This will prompt a smooth transition if you are both a user of a Windows desktop and an iPhone.

The M1 Chip

The added M1 chip into the 12-inch iPad Pro means that it is almost as powerful as the MacBook and Air devices. However, Apple executives still want the fans to distinguish the difference between the two products being the Mac has a faster software capability while the iPad has hardware advantages being a clearer front-camera, superior display, 5G accessibility, and touchscreen ability via stylus.

The customers who long to experience both advantages have to buy the devices separately because there is no way one can combine both experiences by utilizing macOS on an iPad Pro.

No Plans in Merging

In a recent interview by The Independent to the Apple executives, Marketing Head Greg Joswiak and VP for Hardware Engineering John Ternus continue to insist that Apple has plans on merging iPad and Mac. 

Joswiak elaborated that, “There are two conflicting stories people like to tell about the iPad and Mac. On the one hand, people say that they conflict with each other. That somebody has to decide whether they want a Mac, or they want an iPad. Or people say that we’re merging them into one: that there’s this grand conspiracy we have, to eliminate the two categories and make them one.”

“And the reality is neither is true. We’re quite proud of the fact that we work hard to create the best products in their respective category.”

Ternus added that he abhors the term ‘tablet’ explaining that iPad Pro is the best in its category, “Customers agree with us, right? We have the highest customer satisfaction, again for each of those products in their category.”

“And they’re voting with their pocketbook, right? Both these categories have grown, but iPad and Mac have greatly outgrown their category. And so that’s what our strategy is: create the best product of both.”

It’s All About The Choice

Ternus also points out that there’s another part of the story that is “very untrue.”

He said, “We don’t think about it well, we’re going to limit what this device can do because we don’t want to step on the toes of this other one or anything like that. We’re pushing to make the best Mac we can make; we’re pushing to make the best iPad we can make. And people choose.”

“A lot of people have run both. And they have workflows that span both – some people, for a particular task, prefer one versus the other, but we’re just going to keep making them better. And we’re not going to get all caught up in, you know, theories around merging or anything like that, “ Ternus added.

IPad and Mac may not converge soon but eventually, someday it will. Powerful software is now dominating the digital space, so trying casino Singapore with a high impact is a good investment.