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Asiaone Iphone 13

If you are of the many iPhone users and hardcore fans of Apple’s yearly phone releases, you may be surprised by the number of people who felt a bit off about the phone’s next iteration and model. Obviously, what comes after the iPhone 12 (or technically the iPhone 12 Pro Max) is the inevitable iPhone 13.

In a very recent survey, it is shocking that a huge number of people think that the next generation of iPhone should be called something else. In fact, 74% of the overall iPhone users shared their opinions and thoughts about how Apple should name their next model of the iPhone. The Straits times is your ultimate source of the latest trends and news in the tech world.

Why is that the case?

The reason behind all of this is that the number 13 is a generally feared number by many, especially in many different cultures. The recent survey also reveals that 1 out of 5 Apple users has triskaidekaphobia or fear of the number 13, which is roughly around 18.3%.

For many years, people from around the world may not have the same exact fear about this number but ultimately believe how unlucky this number is. For one, the term “Friday the 13th” is often associated with extremely dreadful fate. Not many people even play at any online casino in Singapore on this exact day for obvious reasons. 

If you are still unconvinced about the superstitions about the number 13, look no further than pretty much any hotel buildings or hospitals. If you actually pay close attention to the number of floors they have, or at least the number of buttons you can press on their elevators, the number of that floor doesn’t exist.

Mathematicians and scientists also all point to the superiority of the number that comes before 13. For these people, 12 was considered a perfect number back in ancient times. If you need proof, most calendars have 12 months, a single day has two 12 hours, and so on.

The name-change

Back to the iPhone survey, if you are wondering what names do the Apple users who participated in the survey want, the names they were able to come up with are quite fascinating, to say the least. Some of them are not even excited about this upcoming release.

Over 38% of survey participants voted to name the next generation of iPhone the iPhone 2021, which would rather fit with the year that it will be released. For the record, the iPhone lines of phones have never skipped its sequential naming convention for many years until the iPhone X to celebrate their 10th year anniversary, leaving the number 9 unused.

Others, around 16% of the voters, simply wanted to call it the iPhone 21 for a much shorter name. Surprisingly, at least 13% of Apple users wanted to call the next model the iPhone 12S. Ironically, it’s just going to delay the inevitable number.

Lastly, at least 7% of Apple users voted to call it the iPhone 14, ultimately wanting to skip the number altogether just like they did in commemoration of their decade-long presence in the market.

Will this affect the sales of the iPhone?

No one knows for sure. It’s hard to compare this situation with its most notable competitor in the market, Samsung. This is because both Samsung’s flagship Galaxy phones and the Note series are either yet to reach the number or already beyond the number respectively.

Only 26% of Apple users voted in favor of the whole iPhone 13 moniker, a surprisingly low percentage over 74% who wanted a different name. Regardless, if there’s any indication, the survey also shows that 64% of people are still considering getting the upcoming iPhone for a phone upgrade.