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Aubrey Plaza

American indie actress and comedienne Aubrey Plaza has recently reported that she is happily married to her long-time boyfriend Jeff Baena.

Instagram Announcement

The actress has revealed that she and Jeff have decided to marry after 10 years of being together. In a loving Instagram post, she referred to Jeff as her “dearest husband”, the fans were shocked and happy and they congratulated them on social media.

We cover the exclusive details about her marriage with Jeff in Asiaone.

She posted: “So proud of my darling husband @jeffbaena for dreaming up another film that takes us to Italia to cause some more trouble”

Who is Aubrey Plaza?

Aubrey Plaza is an American actress and comedian with half Puerto Rican and half Irish blood. She has starred in many independent and a few mainstream films and has accumulated a few awards.

She is known for her deadpan comedy with a little bit of play on realistic sarcasm. She is also known for her weird but funny demeanor in interviews and red carpet displays. 

She played in an independent film called Safety Not Guaranteed where she played a bored intern for a camera crew that answers an ad placement on Craigslist by an eccentric guy played by Mark Duplass about time travel in using a boat. She received many accolades for her role in the film.

She also starred in a comedy-drama film About Alex where she is one of the group of friends spending an awkward weekend on their friend’s upstate home where he attempt suicide but was saved. 

Her Iconic Characters

For her television debut, she played April Ludgate, an intern in the Pawnee Department of Parks and Recreations. Aubrey Plaza’s performance as April earned her recognition for her goth-like and deadpan portrayal.

Plaza also starred in an F/X series Legion as Lenny, a mysterious character that plagues David Haller’s mind, a mutant character who is known in Marvel Comics as Professor X’s son and a member of X-Men.

The couple was first seen together in 2011 and since then, she collaborated with him in his movies the controversial The Little Hours, the zombie-romance Life After Beth, and the upcoming movie, Spin Me Around.

A Quarantine Affair

Aubrey lately disclosed her life with Jeff during the quarantine period, as she said she loved spending time at home together with Jeff amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We were quarantined for months and months like everybody else. And we did enjoy it. I think it was, obviously other than all of the catastrophic things happening in the world, just on a personal level, relationship level, it was kind of nice to just be forced to be in one place for that long. Could have gone either way, I guess,” she said.

Made For Each Other

Way back in 2019, she said that their relationship is perfect. After all, they understand each other because they are employed in the same industry.

She later added: “I think that when you’re with someone that is in your field, they understand what you’re dealing with on a deeper level. So obviously you are able to support each other and really understand the kind of journey that we’re both on.

“So I think that can be really great. But, you know, working with your partner can always be challenging. There’s a lot of things we do separately and I think that it’s all about balance.

“I think that one of the great things about our careers is that we are forced to be independent, take little breaks, go off and do our things and come back.

“So it’s kind of fun. Nothing is ever the same. You don’t want to spend too much time apart. But I think that there’s a way that it can work and there’s a balance in that.”

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