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Authorities Investigating the Death of a 6-Month-old Baby While Under Nanny’s Care

A couple were appalled upon receiving a call from the nanny of their six-month-old son, who told them that their baby had died on December 28.

In this latest Singapore news, we are examining the cause of this unfortunate incident.

Unfortunate news

The father of the baby told the news that he got a call in the night from the nanny and she informed them that their child was transported to Sengkang General Hospital.

Being shocked and afraid by the news he received, the father, who is an accounting assistant, asked the nanny why the child had stopped breathing, albeit the nanny couldn’t provide an answer to his question. After he called his wife, both of them quickly went to the hospital.

The couple were accompanied to a waiting room within the hospital, where they also received the terrible news. The doctor stated to the couple that they tried their best to save the baby, but it was already too late.

The doctor also told the couple that he thought that their son had already stopped breathing before it was taken to the hospital, but he insisted that an autopsy report must be made to validate his suspicion.

Cause of death

According to the daily evening news, reporters said that they have spoken to the mother of the child who still couldn’t grasp the reality of his son’s death. 

“The night before we took him to the nanny’s house, he still had a good appetite and he is still in a good mood,” she said.

According to the child’s father, the police told him that the case of his son’s death is unnatural and they are still doing their investigation. The death certificate of their son stated that the cause of his death is lung and heart failure.

Official police report

The official report of the police stated that the time of the unnatural death case is around 6:25pm at Blk 158D Rivervale Crescent.

“A six-month-old baby was found not breathing at the aforementioned location and was taken to the hospital. He was eventually pronounced dead at the hospital. The investigation of authorities is still ongoing,” according to the official report of the police.

Investigation of the case

The 42-year old nanny told the news that prior to the child’s death, she aided the child’s sleep at 3pm in the afternoon of that day. 

“I was about to bathe the child at around 6:15pm, however, I saw that he was in a face down position on the playpen. His face turned into a purplish hue, and he stopped breathing,” she said.

After the boy did not respond when she did CPR, she immediately called an ambulance.

“I stroked the boy’s back and pressed his chest, the paramedics came in to provide first-aid but to no avail,” she added.

The baby was injured by other children before

According to the baby’s father, he noticed some red marks on the body of his son after he picked up the child from the nanny’s care one time.

“Initially, I thought that my child had accidentally scratched himself which resulted in the red marks. However, after I asked the nanny, she told me that the injury was caused by other children while under her supervision.”

She also stated that at one point prior to the boy’s death, the six-month-old baby had been striked in the nose with some kind of a toy, which resulted in a red mark.


According to the couple, they were planning to hire a new nanny prior to their son’s death, however, the couple could not avail infant care due to them being permanent residents of Johor Bahru, with both of them having a joint salary of $4,000 per month.