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Asiaone Picnic in Singapore

Picnics are one of the most eudaimonic activities humans have ever invented as it satisfies not just our gustatory cravings but also our visual interest as it combines both experiences into one. Singapore may lack lush green forests and rolling meadows but the urban greenery can also be perfect with the Singaporean sunny weather. 

There is nothing more rewarding than feasting on a wide array of food in a bento-esque container with your kin or friends communing under the shade of a tree on Nature Reserve in Bukit Timah. However, planning a picnic can be a logistical agony so we at Asiaone News decided to provide you with a list of ready-made picnic packages from these restaurants that are gourmet and healthy.

Bee’s Knees by The Garage’s Picnic Buzz-ket

If you are heading to Singapore Botanical Gardens then don’t forget a call to Picnic Buzz-ket. Their picnic packages consist of foldable tables, picnic mats, and cushions. 

Their Light Bites are a must-try, their iconic Pinche Chicken Sandwich is a treat, along with their chunky Ham Croissants. They also offer pasta, salads, and other brunch and dinner delights. Check it out at Level 1, Botanical Gardens, Singapore.

Grazing Packages and Platters by Lush Platters

If you prefer platters of some sort with a unique assortment of dishes and cheeses then Grazing Packages is right for you and your family. Their Family Graze Kit is composed of a salad of your choice, a side dish, a main, and a delectable cheese platter.

Their Cheese Platter is the cream of the crop, it is an ensemble of the holy trinity of cheeses: Comte, truffle Gouda, and double Brie. The platter also includes gourmet sandwiches and the most iconic main dish they have, Tasmanian Salmon with herb butter. 

Pique Nique by PAUL

PAUL’s Pique Nique is a bundle of joy, with its jute bag, hydrophobic mat, and boxes full of Sandwiches, Viennoiserie, and Macarons. One of their best offerings is their Petit Craquant Cake with its delectable layer of dark chocolate. 

Also, their Baguette Charlemagne is a versatile dish that can be paired with any liquor or wine on hand. PAUL’s Pique Nique is available online and you can visit their website for additional info. 

Ultimate Picnic Bundle by Lucali BYGB

If you are craving an Italian twist of picnic then you will certainly rekindle your love for al fresco dining with Lucali BYGB’s Ultimate Picnic Bundle. Their Cacio e Pepe, Spicy Rigatoni pasta, salads, cookies, pizzas, and a bottle of wine will satisfy your al fresco dining in no time.

Located in Kampong Bugis, This Italian restaurant offers luxurious silverware, stylish blankets, and glasses. Lucali is offering the best Italian wine and dining ever in the Kallang River.

Picnic Basket Special and Picnic Takeaway Special by Ash & Elm

For a more casual picnic idea, Picnic Takeaway Special by Ash and Elm is perfect for you and your friends. Indulge in a full-on meal with Chicken Salad, Caprese sandwiches, cheese platter, and Red Velvet cake. 

For a company of four, try their Picnic Basket Special consisting of the following, Pan-seared Salmon, Creamy Kale Caesar Pasta Salad, a variety of hotdogs, and Pistachio Pound Cake to finish it. 

Ash & Elm is located at International Singapore at 80 Middle Road, Singapore. You can also visit their website and contact them for online orders. 

Final Words

Picnic planning can be stressful sometimes, luckily we have these restaurants to offer you a fast and healthy picnic delight that you can munch on at your next picnic session with your loved ones. If you are planning to stay indoors instead, you can try betting online in Sgpool online casino.