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Best Restaurants in Singapore to Celebrate the Arrival of 2022 Chinese New Year

The arrival of the Water Tiger Year is deemed auspicious, and many families are planning ahead of the Chinese New Year to have a safe and enjoyable celebration.

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Singapore to celebrate the Lunar New Year? If yes, then we spared you the hard work because we have curated a list of the best restaurants in the city-state to celebrate the New Year with your family.

Let’s delve deep into this Singapore news and celebrate the ushering of the Year of the Water Tiger.


Grain is renowned for its experimental approach on its menu by utilizing various cooking techniques inspired by several Asian regions. 

Even though Grain has no tangible dining location, you can order online for their catering sets that you can consume at home. One of the things that set them apart is their transparency of their ingredients which is perfect for the diet-conscious.

Neo Garden

For those who are anxious to go outside to dine with your family on Chinese New Year, Neo Garden is also a perfect catering option for you. 

Their Chinese New Year Set is filled with alot of scrumptious dishes from dimsum to main offering that will surely bring a Roaring New Year feels.

Peony Jade

Peony Jade is an award-winning restaurant in Keppel Club, which is also known for blending traditional and modern Cantonese cuisine. 

Celebrate the Tiger Year with their Dim Sum Feast and Prosperity Set that will definitely invoke an auspicious year for your kind. Take a bite on their lavish banquet of traditional Chinese dishes and share with your loved ones.

Yun Nans

Renowned for their hearty hotpot and mouth watering pork ribs, Yun Nans specializes in Yunnan cuisine. 

Among their best-sellers is the Prosperity Treasure Hot Pot with a variety of toppings and a hearty soup. Their Abalone Yu Sheng on the other hand is perfect with Dried Scallops and Braised Spinach.

Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant

Singapore is no stranger anymore to this traditional restaurant. It is a game-changer when it comes to bringing traditional Han Chinese cuisine to this tiny nation. 

For their Traditional Chinese New Year Feast, you can gorge on a wide array of live seafood options, roast cuts, dim sum, and a rustic hot rice. It will definitely be worth splurging as you celebrate the arrival of the new year. 

Hai Tien Lo

Just like Jade Palace, Hai Tien Lo has perfected the art of bringing the traditional Chinese Cuisines to the global culture of Singapore. 

You should consider ordering their Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner that includes Classic whole Abalone and Smoked Salmon, Shacha Sesame Roasted Chicken, Superior Treasure Pot and Chinese Taro cake. These earthly delights will definitely win you over and you might want to look forward to it again on the next Lunar Year.

Peach Garden

Peach Garden is very popular because of their Fortune Treasure Sets and Prosperity Packages. The set includes Emperor Chicken, Traditional Nian Gao, Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage and more. Their sets are available for 10 pax and you can avail their 15% discount for early orders.

Wah Lok

This restaurant in Singapore is already a household name and it is famed for their classic Cantonese dishes. 

Their luxurious Lunar New Year set includes Pan-Fried Hokkaido Scallop, Braised Abalone, Steamed Soon Hock, Dried Oysters and other dim sum dishes. 


If you are looking forward to an auspicious and balanced Tiger Year, you can start by bringing your family to the aforementioned restaurants and experience the roaring surge of the New Lunar Year. Just make sure to follow the proper dining protocols for this pandemic and enjoy.