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Ten and Yangyang of K-pop group WayV were consulting a color specialist to find their “personal color”. Both men were collaborating with Seryeong Lee, she is a color expert who established the color styling salon, Color Place in Seoul. 

Read along in this Asiaone Singapore article to know about the importance of color styling according to color experts.

Personal Color

According to Lee, “Colour can influence impressions and change lives. The world of personal color isn’t just about looking for matching colors. In this age when personal branding is becoming a commodity, it is very important to quickly identify personal colors that help you create your values, as humans have a desire to be recognized by people.”

Lee’s philosophy in color includes the importance of color in personal branding. According to her, color is the glue that binds other elements in personal branding such as facial expression, posture, and tone of voice.

Differences of Color Preferences Between Genders

As for Alyssa Chen, the general manager of Colour Me Beautiful HK, she believes that color is a “strategic weapon”. Chen said that people who typically meet with her for consultation already know how to style and that her purpose is just to guide them and most of her clients are women.

“Women are more adventurous. We don’t mind trying a lot of different colors. Before a lot of clients come to me, they have their instinct on what suits them, they just need some validation or professional advice to make them happy.”

“Men, on the other hand, usually connect with her for one of two reasons – someone close to them pushes them into a consultation, or they’re told during corporate training to have a makeover.”

Women are more particular in the shades, tints, and tones of color and usually, it reflects their current mood. Men in particular are much keener to stick to the basics such as neutral or earth tones and their preferences in color are based on its practical or utilitarian purposes rather than based on emotions.

Importance of Color in this Modern Era

According to both color experts, color is very essential in this modern era of social media now that people are more sensitive to visual cues.

“The awareness of personal image is awakening in recent years. We are in this culture when we have to interest people in a really quick time. People are aware of how color can change things instantly. Colour is so rich, it has so many stories,” According to Chen.

“Nowadays, people know that people judge their image. Colour is one of the elements that help people differentiate themselves from all the competitors,” Chen added.

The Science of Color

The methods of color stylists are typically based on the physics of colors and their harmonies and how they can affect the eye in many applications such as fashion, advertising, interior design, and branding. They believed that a certain individual has a particular affinity to a certain color palette and this reflects on his or her personal preferences in clothing and decorating.

Lee said, “More and more, I think it’s like a journey of self-discovery.” By helping a person discover their own personal color palette, it can have an impact on their moods and psychology.

“You may think you know color very well, but it sometimes can surprise you and open up a lot of different possibilities. You can use colors to accentuate what you like and to hide what you don’t. It’s not just about appearance, but also what’s inside,” she added.

Final Words

Color styling is a subject that most of us overlook, but colors are important and they can have an impact on our psychology and social approval. Experts like Lee and Chen studied the science of colors and their correlation to the sociology of human life.