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Boys and Their Toys Family Converts HDB Common Area Into Nerf Combat Zone

A common area that was turned into a combat zone is the penultimate thing that you expected to see upon coming out of an HBD elevator. 

In a true mock combat zone fashion, with cardboard boxes placed above the furniture as hiding zones. If you are a part of the Problem Solving Club, this isn’t surprising, this was probably just the case of the Thursdays. 

A Tactical Challenge

On July 12, Mohamad Munir Rohani, a martial arts trainer stated to the straits times that his family was challenged by some of their friends, some of them former military colleagues, to a paintball, so they came up with these training sessions. 

The 54-year old man said, “The chances of winning are very slim, but I wanted the children to put up a fair fight for the opponents.”

He was inspired by the tactical training he received, they came up with nerf guns as they train outside their home at the HDB flat at Pasir Ris St 72.

Training Session Video

A tweet posted on July 8, depicted the training session also called G.H.O.S.T. in a video, which is being done weekly. The four people have been training together for some time now, as depicted in the video.

The team, donning full army gear, jungle hats, and military vests, form a line as they wait for the instruction from their commander.

The one who is recording the video is the one who is presiding over the training session as they fire foam projectiles from the nerf toy guns.

As they move in unison at the common area, someone is saying ‘Go, go, go!’ in the background. From projectiles were fired but in a quiet and non-disturbing manner as they glided across the end of the hall and into the staircase. 

This video also causes some citizens nostalgia, especially for the people who have undergone military training for the National Service Program. 

Viral Video

The video with a mere 44 seconds duration was reposted on Instagram on July 8 and the video went viral with 79,000 views. Some viewers even expressed their enthusiasm over the tactical training video and one even commented that the training session is like the video game Call of Duty but in real life.

Another video was posted of a different angle of the training session and a caption explaining the meaning behind the G.H.O.S.T. acronym and which is Guts and Honor to Overcome Situations Tactfully.

Benefits of Self Defence Trainings

The Problem Solving Club is an organization that also holds self-defense classes using martial art forms that are non-lethal. The club was founded in 2007 and ever since the aim of the group is to promote techniques to develop every member’s life through martial arts training.

Munir told AsiaOne that the commonplace in the HDB flat is ideal for training sessions because of its large space. He also said that it gives him the opportunity to conduct movements as the team goes to the mock training field. 

Munir also said that there haven’t been any complaints about their training sessions from their neighbors. “We have been well regarded as the warriors or guards of our neighborhood. We have to also do our part to ensure that we do not disrupt or disrespect any of our neighbors, he added.”

Final Words

The Problem Solving Club will continue to promote the importance of self-defense and martial arts to the everyday life of every Singaporean through these training session videos. They will probably continue what they are doing even if it’s not going to be viral and influential.

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