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Asiaone WayV Pop Idol Lucas

Scandals are typical in the life of celebrities, especially the ones that are famous internationally. One of the celebrities that takes the center stage of the rumor mill is K-pop idol, Lucas Wong.

In this Asiaone news exclusive, we are detailing the allegations surrounding the K-pop idol.

The Allegations

On August 23, a thread on Twitter went viral, posted by a Korean netizen named Soompi who claims to have dated the Hong Kong star. The post included screenshots that featured the conversation of Soompi and of what appears to be Lucas.

She said that before she dated the idol, she was just an avid fan like everyone else. 

In March 2018, Lucas made his first appearance in the entertainment industry as a part of the Korean boy band NCT. He then became a member of the Chinese subunit of NCT, WayV. He is also a member of a super boy band, SuperM of SM Entertainment.

The next day after the viral thread was posted, another netizen and this time of Chinese descent claimed that she also dated the K-pop idol.

The viral Twitter thread has caused the K-pop fans to go into a furor as they try to make sense of the allegations and unlock the issue by going into internet stalk mode. 

Public Apology

However, on the afternoon of August 25, 22-year old Lucas took the matter into his hand by issuing a handwritten public apology note on Instagram. In the post, he apologized to the fans for his “wrongdoings” in the past albeit he did not directly address the issue to deny or confirm the allegations. 

“I sincerely apologize to those who’ve been hurt due to my wrongdoings. Please allow me to apologize. I’m very sorry. Also, I sincerely apologize to my fans who have been supporting me and caring for me. I’m sorry for letting you all down.”

“In the past few days, I reflected on the things that I’ve done in the past. I fully understand my mistakes and irresponsible behavior. I have let down my fans, who have always cheered me on and supported me,” said the K-pop idol.

Taking A Break

Also in the note, he promised that he will never do such things ever again and that he will take a break in his celebrity projects for a little while to ponder on his behavior and past mistakes.

In consideration of the scandal, his management agency SM Entertainment stated that they will be postponing the present and upcoming projects of Lucas including the release of the music video for “Jalapeño”, a track in which is a partnership between Lucas and his NCT and WayV bandmate, Hendery which is scheduled for a supposed release tonight. 

SM Entertainment then released an official announcement that said, “Lucas is reflecting deeply on having caused great hurt and disappointment through his wrong actions and our company also takes responsibility for not managing our artist better.” 

The Dark Side of K-pop

This is not the first time that a prominent K-pop boy band member was a center stage in a scandal, perhaps one of the biggest K-pop scandals in history is involving the former Big Bang idol, Seungri, and the Burning Sun scandal. 

The scandal was so deeply rooted and huge that it involved many Korean celebrities in charges of drug smuggling, sexual assault, prostitution, among others. This is the biggest scandal that ever hit the Korean entertainment industry and it showed the dark side of the rosy and glamorous life of K-pop idols.

The Lucas Wong scandal is not by far the biggest but it shows that celebrity life is not at all glitz and glamour and that these small isolated events reflect a flawed side in this colossal multi-billion-dollar industry. It was revealed that even this pristine realm of Korean Pop has its fair share of corruption.