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Carousell Scalpers Are Asking $800 for the New SIA Batik Poker Set, but if You Wait Until Next Month, You May Buy It for Less

Following a successful kickoff of their limited edition mahjong kit which was a blast and had sold out for two weeks, Singapore Airlines is launching a new and exciting product.

On November 16, the retail arm of the airline, KrisShop, has recently produced a limited edition poker kit, which has been sold out within just a matter of 24 hours. The poker set has now been coveted in online markets such as Carousell with interesting promos.

The poker set

Even though the poker set’s original price is $318, some Carousell resellers are marketing the item with high prices with the highest amount landed on $800.

However, you don’t need to worry and jump at the idea of selling one of your organs just to get an amount to buy a set. All you need to do is to do nothing and be patient. 

We at The Straits Times, talked to KrisShop and they have revealed that members of KrisFlyers can pre-order the poker kit, and it will be available for deliveries starting on December 15.

However, for non-members of KrisFlyer, they have to wait until December 16 to pre-order the set.

The batik motifs

The whole poker set is embedded with the unique batik design of the airline, which includes travel and aircraft motifs, with each suit of cards embellished with a unique aircraft logo. The full set is encased in a special box with intricate design and is clad in an airplane window.

The collection also includes two uniquely-designed poker decks, one dealer and player button, one dice turner, six dice clad in aluminum and gold, 350 poker chips, and two blind buttons available in two distinct sizes.

If you buy the collection, you are also entitled to buy an anti-slip poker mat available for $45 to complete the poker experience. Although, the mat itself is sold separately if not part of the poker set for $59.

The mahjong collection

KrisShop is also known for its batik-embroidered mahjong sets that were sold last year on Chinese New Year. The mahjong set was encased in a beautiful blue case, embroidered with intricate batik designs.

The tiles were also designed using a batik inspiration, along with delicate and carefully laid elements from the airline’s branding. The ceramic white front tiles were also given intricate batik design along with elements from the aircraft’s design.

The back of the tiles was also colored dark navy blue and gold which is the primary color palette of the airline. They are also available in different colors such as red, blue, green, and violet. Also, it has a beautifully detailed design of seasonal flowers and plants available locally. 

Batik identity

Batik is a type of design unique to Southeast Asian cultures like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

It came from a variety of designs inspired by nature, which mostly derived from local flora and fauna from the aforementioned region. The designs are mostly applied on fabric which is processed using a unique traditional method of dyeing of certain colors and applying paint to the fabric showcasing unique and colorful intricate details. 

Singapore Airlines is known for its batik elements in its branding. It highlights the core values of the company that mostly relies on the pursuit of excellence and the love for the traditional culture and preserving the ancient traditions and identity using the designs into the modern products.


Products like these are an indicator that there are businesses in the world that still treasure local traditional cultures and art that they are incorporating into their products. 

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