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Completely Misguided Benjamin Glynn Briton Caught on Viral Video Not Wearing Mask Given 6 Weeks Jail

A viral video of a British man riding in an MRT train without wearing a mask has been the basis for his conviction with four charges following a trial on August 18.

40-year-old Benjamin Glynn, a British national was sentenced to six weeks in jail for his actions. Read on to this Asiaone exclusive about this matter for details about his arrest.

Breaking the Law

According to District Judge Eddy Tham, Glynn was found guilty of two charges under the Covid-19 Temporary Measures Act, also one for each charge for harassment and public disturbance.

The Briton failed to give a valid reason for his failure to wear a mask in a public place, said the judge.

As part of Briton’s defense, he claims that there was no “contract” entered into by him to be part of the regulation, according to Judge Tham.

Glynn also claimed to be “very knowledgeable” about the law, he was deemed to have been “completely misguided” on the matter, added by Tham.

During the early part of the trial, one of Glynn’s arresting officers testified that he refused to be arrested.

Glynn’s Claims

The Briton also said that Covid-19 was a “hoax” according to the statement of Inspector Chee Xiu Quan to the court. Inspector Chee also added that Glynn had told the officers that the Covid-19 vaccine is detrimental to human health.

The inspector also said that Glynn told him that one of his friends allegedly was admitted to an intensive care unit after receiving a vaccine.

Glynn refused to be represented, he was believed to have no discernible psychiatric disorders and is eligible to plead after the psychiatric evaluation from the Institute of Mental Health. The Briton also claimed that he was “sovereign”, he argued that the charges that he was facing were inapplicable to him. 

Glynn had failed to wear a mask while riding a train sometime prior to May 8. He also caused a public disturbance during the trip due to him declaring that he will never wear a mask.

The Briton’s Arrest

At around 12:30 am on May 9, he was at the ground-level elevator lobby at Allsworth Park condominium in Holland Road when he verbally harassed Inspector Chee and Assistant Superintendent Alvin Quek Chin Han. 

According to Inspector Chee, they went to Glynn’s home to confirm if he is the maskless man in the viral video. Upon opening the door, Glynn admitted that he is indeed in the controversial video.

He also added that the Briton asked if they could discuss the matter downstairs as it was his daughter’s birthday. On the ground floor, the officers were asking him questions and he said that Covid-19 was a “hoax”.

Chee also said that Glynn told them that he is a boxer and he can “take on” the officers, ASP Quek then asked for a backup. 

Glynn eventually retaliated in a fighting stance when he refused to be arrested and the policemen were about to handcuff him. A tackle ensued when Glynn plunges forward and Chee manages to tackle him using a baton.

The Brit tried to run towards the entrance of the condominium but returned when a security guard appeared in front of him. Inspector Chee said that they managed to catch him when he stumbled and he was placed in handcuffs. The backup policemen arrived shortly after the scuffle. 

No Remorse

Later in the trial, Glynn told the court that he was drunk prior to his arrest. 

As Glynn showed annoying behavior during the trial and claimed that Singapore has a disregard for common law, he was sentenced to seven weeks to jail by Judge Tham for his charges and for showing no remorse for his actions, and providing no valid reason for not wearing a mask, according to Singapore news.