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Covid 19

According to the daily update of the Ministry of Health, there is a significant decline in the weekly growth rate of Covid-19 infection by 0.98 on March 2. It was the first time it happened since the numbers blew up on January 3 that were reported on SG news.

Weekly Covid-19 status update

On Tuesday, the recorded infection growth rate reached 1.02. This number represents the ratio of the recorded community cases that were gathered for the past week compared to the number a week before. If a rate shows a figure more than one, it means the number of the recorded new Covid-19 cases per week is rising. 

Last week, new Covid-19 cases with a total of 19.159 were recorded, which shows a significant drop from 24,080 total infections that were recorded the day before. Singapore has reported 20,312 coronavirus cases last Wednesday, which can be compared to a total of 26,032 cases on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday, the MOH made a record of a total of 1,708 patients that were hospitalized on Wednesday because of the virus; it went down from the figure of 1,726 last Tuesday.

The ministry also stated that the number of patients that are under the intensive care unit slowly declined to 51, which was down from 53 the day before. Meanwhile, the recorded total number of patients that needed oxygen support is 215. 

The reports also stated that there were ten recorded deaths on Wednesday, which is a lot fewer than the one recorded on Tuesday.

Domestic cases record

Out of all the recorded local cases, at least 16,374 were determined using an ART or antigen rapid testing, what this means is that the patients were evaluated by a doctor to determine if they have mild symptoms and if they have a low risk of contracting the virus.

Meanwhile, a record of 2,625 cases were determined by using a PCR or polymerase chain reaction test. Recently, the reports said that there were 160 new cases that came from overseas. From the cases, 52 were determined with the use of PCR tests and 108 were determined with the use of ARTs.

As of Wednesday, the city-state has reported a total number of 767,663 coronavirus cases, while the deaths yielded a total of 1,040. 

At least 95 percent of the qualified citizens have already completed their full vaccination program, and at least 68 percent of the total population in the city had been administered with their booster shot. 

Updated coronavirus measures

Started on the last days of February, the multi-ministry task force or MTF that are tasked on handling the Covid-19 in the country has recently released an update on the protocols to curb the coronavirus surge. The new measures were announced on February 24, this is to accommodate the sudden rise in the daily cases and to manage the effects of the surge to the industries.

The new measures include the permission of groups with at least five members to visit a residence one time, social gatherings at workplaces for up to five individuals, vaccination of children that are 12 years and below, and the restoration of team sport tournaments.

The MTF said that the new changes will be implemented slowly and in phases so that citizens could make adjustments while following the new protocols. 


The slow decline of the weekly growth rate of the Covid-19 cases in Singapore is an indicator that the pandemic is slowly running its course and the city-state is starting to prepare to view the virus as an endemic disease