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Changi Village

According to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), it stated that it received a call about a restaurant in Changi Village on March 15 and is now conducting an investigation about an incident. 

In the latest news in Singapore, a group of friends decided to eat an early morning breakfast in a hawker stall at Changi Village. What was expected to be a satisfying nasi lemak meal quickly turned into something else.

A horrifying dining experience

According to the social media post on March 12 by Irvin Yio, a member of the friend group, he said that two of his friends went to Changi Famous Food Center. At around 4:30am, they went to the stall to eat nasi lemak. 

He said that they ordered the Nasi Lemak Set 3 of which consists of chicken wings and some otah. Initially, he complained about how dry both the cucumber and the otah are but he never suspected that the meal was hiding something more disappointing. 

In the middle of eating, Yio bit into his chicken and discovered maggots squirming inside. He and his friends were shocked in horror and vomited immediately after they saw the disgusting maggots. 

“Me and my friends immediately threw up and it was a really horrifying experience,” he wrote in the post.

According to Yio, he found at least 20 maggots wriggling on his meal and they all vomited in front of the employees working on that stall. He also said that he requested the stall servers to throw away the food immediately.

Reactions about the incident

He said that when he went to the stall, the night shift server was caught sleeping comfortably on his portable chair. He asked himself and wondered if he even bothered to check if any insects like a house fly entered the kitchen and landed on the chicken that were being prepared. 

Yio also asked for a refund for the meal and the stall then immediately provided them with a cash back. 

“I believe that this horrifying experience of me and my friends will be a lesson to the general public to be cautious when they eat at certain food stalls and restaurants and not be a victim just like us. In the meantime, I am opting to skip eating fried chicken as the horrifying images are still fresh in my mind,” Yio stated.

In the comments section of his social media post, people have similar sentiments about the incident and they are all disgusted by what they read and saw. 

One individual in particular even commented that it was such a shame as the stall was one of their favorite places when it comes to early morning nasi lemak craving. 

SFA report

Yio also stated that he filed a report about the incident to the SFA. He said that what happened is a violation of the HACCP standards.

According to the official statement of SFA, they said “Food security is the shared obligation of the food safety authority and the food handlers. While our agency sets guidelines for food safety and enforcing supervisory standards, it is the food operators and restaurants to do their job on following the proper food hygiene and preparation methods.”

The SFA also stated that he will not think twice on taking disciplinary actions against the offending food handlers if adequate evidence has been collected.

Individuals from the general public are encouraged to report to the SFA an incident if they encountered a potential offending food operator or handler. 

Final thoughts

Food safety has long been an issue in many major cities especially in food centers that accommodate large crowds. The SFA promised that they will continue to punish these food operators that are violating the food safety standards.