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The Sims 4 implements customisable pronouns, lets Sims be He, She, Xe, Ze, They, and more

An open game environment is being promoted and fostered in the hit simulation game developed by Maxis, The Sims 4. A slew of add-ons and game packs have been produced since the game’s initial release in 2014.

Pronouns in this social game will indeed be able to be changed according to the player’s preferences. A dropbox and three custom pronouns are available in the Create A Sim part of the game when players can design their own characters.

The correct use of these pronouns will next be demonstrated through the use of example sentences. Now let’s get into the main gaming news today in Singapore.

There’s one for everyone

More than 20,000 people signed an online petition in 2021 requesting that pronouns be added to the game. According to a May 2017 confirmation from the development team, the functionality was under consideration.

In case you missed the latest Singapore news on this week’s Inside Maxis live, the developers provided an update on their progress and showed off some of their current projects.

Create-a-Sim mode has a drop-down box where players can select their pronouns, according to Alister Lee, the game’s designer. In addition to “He/Him/His” and “She/Her/Hers,” the menu also contains “Custom,” which allows the player to type in their own pronouns.

As the simulation game is being localized into 18 other languages, Veronica Morales, EA’s localization head, noted that linguistic factors are being taken into account.

To get around this, you can use the passive voice, substitute a character’s name for the pronoun, or simply not use the pronoun at all if the knowledge is already available in the verb form of the sentence. “Any text should feel honest and sensitive to the players,” Morales said.

When can we expect the update?

You may recall in the past SG news that Maxis made a similar change six years ago, opening up all of the “Create a Sim” features for both sexes in 2016. Gender-specific options for clothing, hair, and characteristics were removed, allowing players to create their ideal sims.

Although the last update was a step forward, there were still just two genders available: male and female. According to the producer, the functionality will be released whenever they think it’s ready.

This free update has not yet been scheduled for release, but it will go live first in the English-language version of the game, and then in the game’s other 17 languages. We’ve taken a giant step forward in making the game a welcoming environment for all players.

What else is coming to The Sims 4?

What will be in the game at the start of 2022 has been hinted at by The Sims 4. In a tweet headlined “Simthing to Celebrate,” the official Twitter page confirmed that one Game Pack, two Kits, as well as some free material will be released in the next several months. You may just want to keep your eyes peeled for all the latest news in Singapore to not miss it.

One theory is that the Game Pack is about weddings because of the apparent love theme. This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Some Simmers are hopeful that a marriage pack will include bachelorette parties, honeymoons, and formal wedding rings if this is actually the case.

Food from around the world will be included in the free material. This is a follow-up to the holiday update, which introduced Puerto Rican coquitos and Venezuelan hallacas delivered by the Sims Delivery Express.

Some fans believe that the Lunar New Year celebrations will be marked by the appearance of a tiger in the confetti just on the right-hand side of the map image. The Year of the Tiger is in 2022.

Bringing pronouns to this widely-played game will also get an update from the development team this month. Incheon Arrivals and Fashion Street kits were released in October, followed by Modern Menswear, Modern Men Kit and Blooming Rooms, in the latter months of the year.

The very next full Expansion Pack’s release date is still a mystery. We usually get one in November, but Cottage Living came out in July and was the last one.