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Daniel Craig Couldn’t Stop Watching Prince Charles at World Premiere of No Time to Die

Actor Daniel Craig couldn’t look away from Prince Charles during the world premiere of his movie No Time To Die.

Read on in this Asiaone article to find out about the royal premiere and the actor’s response to playing James Bond for the last time.

A Royal World Premiere

The 53-year-old star is portraying his iconic character James Bond for the last time in his current film, which it will serve as his swan song to the character. During the world premiere of the movie at London’s Royal Albert Hall, he shared the royal box with the 72-year-old royal along with his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Craig admitted that he couldn’t stop from trying to look at the reaction of the heir to the British throne.  “We were all in the royal box… I sat next to Camilla and Charles,” the actor said.

“I’m quite occupied watching the audience, yeah, because I’m kind of nervous and I want to see what they think,” he added.

Looking Over At The Prince

During the interview with late-night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel, he asked the actor about the experience, he said “So Prince Charles is sitting there and you’re just kind of looking over at him?”

The guest leaned forward and responded, “Yeah, I kind of want to see that he hasn’t left.”

Jimmy jokes: “That must have been a relaxing experience for him. ‘Bond keeps looking at me, I want to check my texts, what’s going on here? When am I going to be king already? Am I going to knight this guy?'”

Knighting Rumors

Even though Daniel addressed the rumor about him following the footsteps of former James Bonds Sir Roger Moore and Sir Sean Connery in being knighted, he said that it was good but he didn’t think he deserves to receive the title.

“It’s very nice, but I think there are lots of people who deserve it way more than I do,” he said.

Concurrently, earlier this week, after Daniel’s co-star Rami Malek teased him, he stated that he said to the Duchess of Cambridge that he would be delighted to babysit for her and Prince William’s three children so the two could have an alone time together, he wondered if his friend made a “pact” with Catherine.

“That seems quite forward to me. I don’t remember him being muscled off anywhere at any point, so maybe they made a deal. I don’t know. He’s very charming though, so he probably worked around it,” he said.

Advice To The Next Bond

With his final movie as the iconic spy is set to come out, the actor who will play the character for the last time in No Time To Die has some pretty straightforward advice to the next person who will take the 007 mantles.

When the actor questioned about what piece of advice he will give to the next James Bond, he simply said on SG News, “Don’t be s***!”

The actor also reflected on his own journey portraying the iconic character which began in 2006 in the movie Casino Royale. He said that he fantasized about playing James Bond but he never thought that it would actually become real. 

He said, “Look, when I was a kid of course I dreamt of being James Bond. But I dreamt of being Spider-Man and Superman and Batman and everybody else. But as an actor, I just thought ‘That’s not happening and I was really happy with that. I was doing some really interesting jobs and my career was going great, so it wasn’t an ambition of mine.”

There are many actors that are rumored that will play James Bond in the next movies after Craig including Idris Elba and Tom Hardy but none of them are confirmed. No Time To Die was released in theaters in the US on October 8, 2021.