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Asiaone Peranakan Terrace Home

The Peranakan heritage is an interesting feature of Singaporean culture. Inhabiting a Peranakan shophouse seems like a pie in the sky because these picturesque and lofty dwellings also come with a lofty price.

However, that didn’t stop the two yuppie couples with a Peranakan lineage from achieving this fantasy and making it their lovely home. The couple simply revamped their Siglap residence into a modern house with a combined Scandinavian minimalist style with rustic Peranakan elements that are typically seen in shophouses. 

Read on in this Singapore news exclusive for the detailed interior space design analysis featuring this house.

The Fascinating Façade

The façade itself is a marvelous sight in the Elite Park Avenue with its black and wooden highlights that stands out in the neighborhood making the house a landmark on its own.

The design was done by the local design company AMP Design Co. with the intention to reconstruct the house to expand the interior space.

According to Amanda Pang, the design director, she extruded the front and backspace to accommodate the tendency of the family to host gatherings. The 4,000 square foot home is good for a family of six.

The Luxurious Living Space

The living room is a transformed car porch and showcases typical modern minimalist elements: a combination of black tiles, dark wooden features, and floor-to-ceiling cabinets that can be used as an extension of storage space.

The support pillar was also transformed into an added feature and houses a beautiful lighting fixture. In the middle of the sea of modern minimalistic elements lies the distressed leather sofa that adds a nostalgic Peranakan element to the living room area.

Above the living space lies the majestic double-volume ceiling surrounded by Peranakan encasement windows.

The Kempt Kitchen

The kitchen space is even more impressive with its open-space concept, where the cupboards and cabinets hide the clutter of appliances and kitchen tools. Despite the dominance of white in the kitchen, Peranakan elements pop out and it is evident in the ornate design of the backsplash, drop lights, and the wooden kitchen counter that also can be used as a wine bar.

The sink is lit with its backsplash made up of carefully laid emerald mosaic tiles in its stunning pattern. The dining space also boasts a rug-like feature of the Peranakan tiles in its soft reds and blacks.

The Sophisticated Stairways

Before you reach the second floor, you will be greeted by the winding stairs with alternating black and white elements from the combined dark wood and white cement stair elements. 

The balcony on the second floor has more Peranakan features like wooden slats, grey tiles, and ornate handrails. The crowning glory of the stairs is the vintage chandelier with white crystals and metallic curves.

The Majestic Master Suite

Before you enter the master bedroom you’ll be amazed at the intricate design of the gray French door. The main feature of the bedroom is the bed itself with a four-post bed canopy. 

The old ceiling was opened up to reveal the elevated wood beams in dark acacia wood, an element only seen in the shophouses. The designers highlighted the loftiness of the ceiling with the satin glow of clove lighting.

The ethereal children’s bedroom contrasted the darker master bedroom. The wooden panels from both sides of the headboard are a cool feature but the most stunning highlight of the room is the ornate backlit panel that is imported from Malaysia.

The bathrooms are an affair of white and dark materials. The subway tiles complement the terrazzo flooring that is an interesting take on the Peranakan heritage. It is a perfect concoction of the rustic and modern design that is the main concept of the house.