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Director Kate Herron on Adding to Tom Hiddleston's School of Loki With Her Love Letter to Sci-Fi

British TV director Kate Herron revealed that she has been a long-time fan of the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe since its debut in 2008. More surprisingly, she also revealed that she has a bias on everybody’s favorite villain-sans-antihero, Loki Laufeyson. 

It’s the reason when the Sex Education director found out that Marvel Studios was looking for directors to direct their upcoming Disney+ series featuring the God of Mischief himself, she pitched her way in. 

The Loki Lectures

Even though she had a plan, she didn’t know anything about Loki that is why she asked Tom Hiddleston himself to give her the Loki 101 so that they will have a grasp of what Loki will be in Phase 4 of MCU.

After the meeting, she encourages Tom to do the same with the crew of the series so they came up with what will later be called the Loki Lectures also known as the ‘Loki Symposium’ by fellow MCU actors Anthonie Mackie of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series.

“We had this amazing walk around New York where we spoke about the character, and I remember that we both were really excited about the same idea about identity, and he’s this wealth of Loki knowledge,” revealed Herron during an interview with Asiaone Singapore.

“I remember saying to him ‘You should talk to the crew about this and he was like, ‘Oh, okay. The idea of that between us both just evolved into what I always call the ‘Loki Lecture’ and as a fan, it was very exciting because he was talking about his experiences across the last 10 years.” she added.

Loki is About Identity as WandaVision is About Grief

As episode two progresses, we all learn that the show will have a theme about identity and purpose in life as Loki goes along with TVA or Time Variance Authority. Loki is about identity as WandaVision is about dealing with grief and loss and Falcon and the Winter Soldier is about legacy.

“Our show is about identity – the grey area that I think Loki exists very comfortably in that space. And we never know if he’s going to be good or if he’s going to be bad. And I think a question for me at the core of the show was really is anyone truly good or truly bad? And are we all just in that grey area?” added Herron. 

Loki and Mobius’ Relationship

Fans and the director also pointed to the chemistry between Loki and Owen Wilson’s character Agent Mobius M. Mobius as they venture through time and space to catch a Loki variant that wreaks havoc in the sacred timeline.

The dynamics of the relationship between the two characters will be more fleshed out as the series progresses. 

A Love Letter to Sci-fi

Herron also revealed that Loki will be her love letter to the sci-fi genre as she incorporates these elements into the Loki series to establish the TVA. 

“In terms of the aesthetics, I just wanted the show to be like this big love letter to sci-fi so I stole from everyone: Blade Runner, Alien, and the book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I think it’s just because we’re going to this really interesting place, right that it’s outside of time and space. It’s not in the past and it’s not in the future so I was like, ‘Okay, how do I show the history?” because it’s almost like this vaguest office space in the sense that there isn’t the day, there isn’t night and I definitely pulled from the comics a lot, because they have these amazing images of rows of desks going off into the infinite and you see that in the first episode,” Herron revealed in an enthusiastic note.

“I didn’t really want it to feel super futuristic. I thought it was more interesting than you know, pulling from these different areas like the brutalist architecture, where I think really complements the timekeepers because they’re these Gods looking over the TVA, whereas the Midwest style is very heroic and very classy and I thought that was quite fun to represent, the heroism of the TVA, “ she added.

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