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If you are a huge Star Wars fan, this is definitely some great news! Apart from getting a whole new theme park and hotel experience, you’ll be able to experience an ingenious creation, the closest thing that humanity can get to a fictional plasma sword: the lightsaber.

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The ‘hottest’ new toy, literally

At the recent virtual conference called A Special Look Inside Disney Park, Disney’s chairman of the parks Josh D’Amaro has revealed a brand-new lightsaber. Of course, it was very fitting as the Star Wars Day and there’s no perfect opportunity to make the first reveal but at the virtual conference.

D’Amaro teased the new “real” lightsaber with a first-look trailer featuring an actual retractable lightsaber. It’s probably the best gift everyone would like to get this holiday. Unlike other lightsabers being already sold at Disney’s Star Wars theme park, this latest one really is retractable.

One can only imagine how much the cost of this toy would end up having. The earlier mentioned previous lightsaber models cost around $200 apiece and these new ones would probably be sold at a much higher price, just for being the coolest thing that it is!

If you haven’t seen the video teaser, it is technically just an advertisement for Disney’s upcoming Star Wars-themed hotel called the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel. We will talk a bit more about this along with the latest theme park expansion shortly.

Fans could only hope that these lightsabers will also become available to the mass market outside the Galactic Starcruiser. And since there is no formal announcement nor additional official statement on the product, there are still some lingering questions that fans are dying to know.

One thing is for certain, it is certainly going to be one of the main highlights and key attractions to encourage people to visit the latest Star Wars hotel and theme park expansion.

It’s no magic, just brilliant engineering!

The day has finally arrived for Star Wars fans to rejoice. Previously, fans were mostly given few options when it comes to lightsabers. You can either pick a lightsaber that can be retracted made with collapsible plastic or the unsheathed lightsaber made with a stiff fiberglass stick and bright LED lights.

The new lightsaber features two strips of translucent plastic that actually coil up similar to how a tape measure can be extended and retracted. These strips are flexible and strong enough to be stretched. And when the strips do unsheathe, they emit light, making the whole thing very believable.

Obviously, it isn’t magic, nor a hologram, it’s just clever design and innovation. According to a patent filed by Disney back in 2018, the toy uses translucent retractable plastic with retractable color-accurate LED lights. These lights are very reminiscent of those flashy lights found in many casino royale.

Seeing the trailer video for yourself is pretty much better. But all we can say is that the motorized tape measure with retractable plastic sheets and LED lights work like a charm. It perfectly mimics and captures the ignition effect that a lightsaber can actually do.

While this new techy toy won’t be cutting through people’s arms any time soon, it’s pretty much a must-have for both hardcore fans, hobbyists, and toy collectors out there.

The Star Wars cruise ship on land

Star Wars fans are not only getting the latest Disney park expansion with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, they will also be getting an immersive experience of a galactic journey in the form of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, a new hotel that takes participants on a voyage like no other.

While there is no official word yet about the opening date, all these announcements that Disney has revealed so far are enough to get every Star Wars fan so excited in the near future.