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Asiaone eatbox

Prior to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, pop-up markets are very popular and it is where people congregate for a nice dinner in the town. These high-concept food events are something to look forward to, especially on the weekend. 

One of these pop-up markets is Eatbox, which came from Thailand. It is the boutique counterpart of the popular Thai market, Artbox and it is now navigating its way in Singapore. The popular pop-up diner is now residing permanently in its new home at Tekka Place; it will be available to the public on September 3.

In this sg news review, we will elaborate on why this pop-up food market is much better than your average hawker food court.


Situated right above the Rochor MRT, the place is very convenient and accessible and has two levels that house 20 food stalls and four kiosks. These stalls are presided over by popular F&B vendors and they are serving a wide array of local, international and fusion dishes that will make your mouth drool.

The vendors are also given the liberty to take a more versatile contract for the short term so that the food stores can be mixed up a little bit every few months. Also, a cloud operating system allows seamless ordering, collection, and payment, and it is also in the works.

The Ambiance

When it comes to the vibes of the place, it is basically the same as its pop-up market counterpart, Artbox. 

The space exudes an aura of a hybrid between a hawker food court and a night market. The lower level is filled with food stalls and an array of seats, while the second floor has a few stalls and has more spacious seating where diners can relax.

The decor is based on Artbox, and is known for its quirkiness. The interior space is filled with industrial themes with brightly colored neon-lit signs surrounding the space. What is more convenient is that it has a fully-functional AC system.

The Food

Eatbox boasts a variety of food offerings in international and fusion concepts. Here are some of the best picks we had:


Chickata is a Muslim-owned food stall that serves Thai hotpot and steamboat and catering for Muslim patrons, they are omitting the pork or lard but still, the food tastes beautiful. 

They came in three options of platters: Beef Lovers, Chicken lovers, and Seafood Lovers. The platters are good for two people. Their Mini Pan for One is good for a solo diner and their Lamb set is also tasty.

Satay Ummi

This food stall is already an established pop-market staple, and it is their first permanent stall. Like Chickata, they are also serving Muslim-friendly dishes and omits pork and lard. 

They specialize in satay dishes that are usually served on skewers. The meats are carefully placed in a box and are served with a liberal amount of peanut sauce and steamed rice.

Thachang Shaker Bar

Thachang Noodle Shaker is the most popular dish and it is based on the popular shaker fries. The DIY concept is also convenient where diners can choose their own adventure of noodles, ingredients, sides, and sauce.

Okinawa Onigiri

If you like Onigiri balls then this food stall is for you. These Instagram-ready rice balls wrapped in Nori seaweed sheets and filled with a tasty filling are worthy of a box in your IG feed. They also come with a variety of flavors to choose from like Hiroshima Oyster, Wasabi Mayo, and Fried Scallop.

B Ly’s Banh Mi

Banh Mi sandwiches are one of the best things that the Vietnamese ever put into this world. This food stall specializes in Banh Mi sandwiches, filled with mouthwatering meat fillings and sauces. Their specialty, Great Banh Mi, is served with four kinds of ham, char siu sauce, pork floss, and pate.