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Asiaone Final Fantasy 14

Have you played a video game before and wished that something in it would become real? If you are an RPG fan, a lot of the game elements such as the world, its inhabitants, and even the mere magic that happens within the fictional world are something we all hope to become a reality at some point.

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Tasty treat

The world of Final Fantasy is no different. Final Fantasy XIV which is the fourteenth installment of this popular Japanese Role-Playing Game or JRPG series is about to make some fans’ dreams a reality. Albeit, of all things, a cookbook. Many FF fans find this confusing and amused at the same time.

You can soon replicate all the delicious meals found in the game from the comfort of your home. The latest entry of the franchise, Final Fantasy XV, has many beautifully rendered meals that fans are very delighted to experience themselves.

Although Square Enix (the game’s developer and publisher) has chosen to make a real-life cookbook based on the fourteenth entry in the franchise over the recent one. While the reasoning behind this decision is still unclear, fans are still eager to get their hands on this collectible item.

The world of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 14 is a dense world actually unique to the franchise. For one thing, it is the only game in the entire series that’s also an MMO or Massive Multiplayer Online game. This means it’s a game with many online players living harmoniously in a world powered up by a server.

A game where many people gather around and meet. A whole lot like an online casino with live casino games if you think about it. People can play with or against one another.

In more recent news, it has been announced that the game is still selling pretty well despite being released more than a decade ago. The game didn’t instantly resonate with fans as there are lots of disappointments when it first launched.

Thankfully, Square Enix was able to revamp and completely reset the game to a better version of itself, the one that we all now know today. The game is still currently selling well. In fact, there was news that Square Enix has stopped selling digital copies of the game due to the massive number of players that the game has.

They explained that the halt was because of the server not being able to handle the huge number of players at once. It has been an incredible surprise to learn that many find the game still relatively popular since it was released in 2010.

Delish delight

Still, it’s quite funny to think that, out of so many things they could have brought in real life, it was the cookbook that they decided to choose. There are tons of other interesting game items that could have been a plushie or an action figure, but they chose a cookbook.

Regardless, many fans are still excited to welcome whatever the game and its publisher have in store for them.

The cookbook was discovered by a Twitter user named Wario64. A listing for the Ultimate Final Fantasy 14 Cookbook on two completely different websites was spotted. It was first seen on the Simon & Schuster site and a completely separate listing was also seen on Amazon.

If anything, it is already a piece of concrete evidence that this is actually a real thing, albeit Square Enix has not made any official announcements about this. More recently, the said cookbook was subtly changed to “Licensed Video Game Cookbook” on the listings.

Twitter user Wario64 also added that this Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook also contains at least 70 different recipes. The images he uploaded says that the book is a “culinary adventure through one of gaming’s most beloved franchises.” This culinary book is set to release on November 9 of this year.