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Apple Air Tag

As expected, Apple’s first event of the year features a few major announcements of their latest products. People have been introduced to the latest 24-inch iMac with a variety of colorful variants, as well as the new iPad Pro which is now powered by the more efficient M1 chipset.

Two of the most interesting announcements made in the event were the new iPhone 12/12 mini with pastel purple color, and the brand-new product called the Apple AirTag. sg news would like to fill you in with the latest tech news you should not miss.

The purple iPhone 12 mini

In the mobile department, Apple announced their latest product of iPhone but it’s more of a phone variation more than anything. This time around, a purple-finished iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini were introduced. This new iPhone features a bright pastel purple, almost lilac, aesthetic.

No one’s really certain why such color was chosen but one very popular theory is that it’s actually Steve Jobs’ favorite color, which would make sense knowing that they could always pay tribute to the man behind one of the world’s most successful pieces of tech.

In any case (no pun intended), it is the same 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini released last year. Same OS, same specifications, so you can be certain that you can still enjoy the same online betting Singapore experience as always.

The color looks pretty and elegant while its flat aluminum edges have a bit of a darker palette. Many people think of skipping any iPhone cases unless it’s transparent as it would simply hide such a gorgeous-looking surface.

People would fancy this very appealing color variant of the iPhone. The quality is astonishing as always, and if you haven’t bought any of the recent ones from the iPhone 12 series, this is a perfect pick that you might want to consider. The purple models will be arriving this April 30.

The Apple AirTag

The AirTag is one of the most intriguing pieces of tech that was announced in the Apple event. It is basically an advanced tracking device that can be integrated along with several Apple Products, most obviously, the iPhone products from 11 to 12 models.

This Bluetooth-powered tracker has a size a bit larger than your average coin, is made with white polycarbonate, and has a glossy metal cover with the Apple logo at the back. This polished metal cover is sadly sensitive to scratches even if it comes with several accessories that can prevent them.

This metal portion is also removable if any battery replacements are needed. The AirTag is powered by a CR2032 battery, a battery that can easily be found in pretty much any supermarkets, hardware stores, and other electronic stores. As per Apple, the battery should last approximately a year when used daily.

Now, the main purpose of AirTags is to keep track of any belongings you wish to attach your AirTags with. This tracker can be inserted in some neat keychains, loops, key rings, and other accessories with AirTag slots on them. Using the Find My app makes you easily keep track of your items with AirTags.

What’s unique about this tracker is that it has an accurate locator that lets you point to such precise direction and distance from where it’s from. It also has some built-in speakers that can produce high-pitch sounds for easier tracking.

Each AirTag would cost $29 each and there’s also an available pack that comes with four pieces at a lesser price of $99. Another cool thing about AirTags is that they are also available for free engraving, giving customers more room for creativity and personalization. Similar to the new purple iPhone, AirTags will be arriving on April 30 as well.

Overall impression

The entire Apple event was a very decent one. There’s really nothing “new” in terms of developments or advancements, well except the AirTags. But overall, adding a new color variant of an already-existing powerful iPhone is always welcome.