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Lionel Messi Football

It’s been four weeks since Messi bid farewell to his former club Barca and his announcement to transfer to French club Paris Saint-Germain. However, his debut in the Ligue 1 is possibly not happening anytime soon. 

Lionel Messi was introduced as the newest member of the Paris Saint-Germain club for the first time on August 29. This suggests that the wait for his debut appearance in Ligue 1 will end in Reims.

Read on to find out in this  The Straits Times news about Messi’s first appearance in PSG.

The Golden Trio

According to PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino, the football triumvirate could play in his squad for the first time. He confirmed that Neymar will be in the roster alongside Kylian Mbappe for the trip to the match in Reims.

Unfortunately, with only two days remaining in the transfer window, this could be the last time the three players could be seen to play as team-mates. 

While Messi who was announced on August 10 to join PSG and gearing up for his debut on the team, Mbappe however could be bidding farewell to the team. 

The future of the World Cup’s Best Young Player in the club is still kept in the dark as Real Madrid reportedly wanted to buy him out. There is no definite amount yet but it was rumored that it is going to be the biggest salary for a footballer by any club other than Paris Saint-Germain. 

Many fans have been dreaming that Messi would transfer to PSG so that the formidable trio could team up to play in the same squad. Now that it is possible, fans are so excited to see the three football superstars interact for the first time as teammates. 

However, that epic team-up might be short-lived since Mbappe could possibly transfer to Real Madrid this year. 

Match in Reims

PSG is traveling with 22 players to Reims but only 11 were on the list to jumpstart the game while nine are reserved as substitutes. According to coach Pochettino, Messi was very eager to play for the team.

However, it seemed not possible that the coach would bring Messi along and not put him in the player’s roster. The only remaining question could be if he is debuting for another time. 

Friends Reunited

Both Neymar and Messi skipped the first two league games as they are preparing for their busy schedules. They met however, on July 10 in Copa America at Brazil as Messi played for Argentina to win his first international award for his national side.

They will reunite as co-players for the first time in years ever since their time in Barcelona. Neymar left Barca after PSG snatched him in 2017. 

The New French “King”

Messi’s possible debut for PSG in Reims could be symbolic because that is the place where French monarchs are traditionally crowned and it is no secret to sports media outlet, L’Equipe.

L’Equipe wrote on its front page, “Leo I, a king in Reims”, it suggests the possible “coronation” of the “King of Football” in Reims. According to Le Parisien, Paris Saint-Germain is now home to “three of the most beautiful artists of this game”, he is of course referring to the golden trio of PSG: Messi, Neymar and Mbappe.

In 1956, a team in Reims headed by Just Fontaine and Raymond Kopa landed their first ever European Cup final title. 

Messi will wear his “some kind of new but old” jersey number at Paris Saint-Germain debut. No. 30 is the jersey number he wore in his debut in Barcelona as a teenager and he will wear the same number in his first outing at PSG, including an all-new home and away game jersey.

Final Words

Many fans are so excited to see Lionel Messi play as a new member of Paris Saint-Germain and as a player in French Ligue 1. Paris Saint-Germain will definitely be the most prestigious football club in Europe.