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Former LTA Deputy Group Director Jailed for Taking S$1.24 Million in Bribes

On September 2, an ex-deputy group director of Land Transport Authority (LTA) was found guilty of bribery by taking a  whopping amount of $1.24 million and was subjected to five-and-a-half years of incarceration. 

Asiaone news has the exclusive report on this case, read to find out.


47-year old Henry Foo Yung Thye is also bound to serve at least one year in prison, aside from the payment of penalty with an amount of $1.15 million for the unpaid bribes.

He previously paid about $83,750 from the $1.24 million he took from his corruption schemes.

Prior to his incarceration, he was previously assigned to preside over the construction of Thomson-East Coast and Cross Island MRT projects. He was found guilty of seven charges of bribery which were supposed to improve the benefit of contractors and subcontractors in the form of loans.

Aside from bribery, there are twenty-nine other charges that he will face once taken into consideration. One of its charges involves coercing his colleagues into giving him $726,500 in the form of loans to cater his gambling activities and liabilities.


In October 2018, an anonymous complaint came to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, implying that Foo has been requesting loans from the subcontractors in the transport projects under his command. 

Foo had also asked the director of China Railway Tunnel Group for financial loans to pay for his liabilities, according to another information that the bureau received. 

The investigations of CPIB are strong evidence that Foo had committed corruption by bribing the contractors and subcontractors in the form of loans while using the business interest of the LTA as a front.

Controversial Case

According to the prosecution team, this could be the most controversial case of corruption in the public sector lately.

Previously, Foo was believed to have a pathological gambling problem and he would often solicit money from his friends to support his gambling pursuits.

One firm and six other people have also been investigated and they are associated with Foo and his crimes. Two of these men are project director of Daewoo Engineering Kim Young-guy and project manager Ro Sung-young, each one of them will face imprisonment for eight months for providing Foo with a bribe of $30,000. 

Both Ro and Kim were the first men to be charged in a major corruption case involving Foo. The lawyer of the two stated that they only did that for the best interest of Daewoo and not for selfish reasons. 

Case History

In April 2014, LTA awarded Daewoo the contract after a few biddings to construct the Stevens MRT station for $441 million. This is the first project of Daewoo in Singapore where they are awarded the main contract.

Both Kim and Ro attended regular meetings with LTA and they would report to Foo on the status of the projects. Foo, who is the chairman of the committee, began asking for loans to Kim at first in 2018. Both of them eventually succumb to Foo’s requests after he pursued them for months.

Fearing that the project will not see the light of the day and to maintain good relations between Daewoo and LTA, they provided him what he needed. Kim also stated that maintaining good relations with Foo could mean smooth operation for potential future projects. 

Eventually, they were caught after the investigations of the CBIP. The pair will be detained for eight months in jail while Foo is sentenced to seven years in prison. 


According to Singaporean law, those who have been convicted for corruption could be jailed for five years or fined $100,000 or both. Also, for each of the offenses of corruption, one individual could be subjected to seven years of imprisonment especially if a government official or public figure is the one involved.