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From Banana to Sweet Potato to Boba, These Asian Pizza Toppings Are Out of This World

Some unusual food-pairing irked people, especially when they come in their comfort foods. However, some even worked because of a certain local ingredient that is native to that place and can be incorporated into these staple dishes. However, pizza is a universal fast food so it may be weird to other cultures.

We all know that pizza came from Italy and they know how to make the most authentic pizza recipe ever. However, as fast-food chains around the world incorporate many Italian foods like spaghetti, these foods also have given a local twist that is sometimes downright weird.

Here are some of the unique pizza toppings that Asian diners come up with on their own using local ingredients that are popular in this news in Singapore.


New Zealand – Spaghetti 

We all know that pizza and spaghetti came from the same country, however, to use spaghetti as a pizza topping is a bit unusual. Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand came up with this idea and it is popular within the local community.  Their limited edition Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza is a winner for the locals.

Malaysia – Durian

You know durian, right? A stinky fruit is native to Southeast Asian nations that resemble a jackfruit and have a pungent but unique taste. It is no wonder that this fruit can be a pizza topping in Malaysia. Pizza Hut in Malaysia has Cheesy Durian Pizza for daring gluttons.

Australia – Vegemite 

There is no other popular ingredient in Commonwealth nations than the mighty vegemite. Domino Australia recently launched the Vegemite Pizza and it is an instant hit!

Singapore – Oyster 

Yes, we love oysters on anything but on pizza, it adds a whole new level of eating experience. Singapore’s Pan is the trailblazer of this new food pairing and the reactions from social media are hilarious.


Australia – Kangaroo 

Our friends from Down Under just got weirder with their Pepper Kangaroo Pizza. Yes, you heard it right, a pizza with Kangaroo meat on top. The pizza is served in The Australian Heritage Hotel, and they are also available in emu meat.

Thailand – Shrimp Cocktail

Thailand is known for its tasty and warm Tom Yum, which is a hearty and citrusy stew with prawns. However, prawn is now available as a topping on pizza in Thailand along with mushrooms, pineapples, and cocktails.

Taiwan – Bubble Tea 

Jumping on the bubble tea bandwagon, Domino’s in Taiwan is unique with their Bubble Tea Pizza. Topped with black sugar pearls known as boba, their pizza is drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cheese. 

South Korea – Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a bit unusual for a pizza topping don’t you think? Also known as the new healthy staple, sweet potato as a pizza topping is not a crime after all in South Korea. Mr. Pizza in Korea offers this version along with cranberries, almonds, and other toppings.

Hong Kong – Thousand Island 

Thousand Island is mostly known as a salad dressing but for Pizza Hut in Hong Kong, it is a unique ingredient that can be used as a pizza topping. Along with a tomato base and topped with scallops, shrimp, and other seafood, their Thousand Island Seafood Pizza is a unique take on the traditional Italian pizza recipe. 


We all love pizza and we want our dishes to be as authentic as possible, however, with the innovation in international food scenes, a unique take on the traditional dishes is what most restaurants are offering right now. 

Unique food pairings will sometimes create ripples at first, but once they know the story behind the inclusion of these ingredients on the usual dishes, they will eventually get the hang of it.

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