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Graphic card

With all the latest graphics cards from both AMD and Nvidia vanishing from store shelves and digital stores in the blink of an eye, it has become a crisis for pretty much everyone in the world to get their hands on one.

It would appear as if graphic cards are starting to become a myth for becoming extremely rare nowadays. Singapore news would like to share our insights regarding this peculiar scarcity.

What’s with the GPU shortages?

There are lots of factors as to why these GPU shortages exist in the first place. Ever since cryptocurrency mining was introduced, plenty of people have made generous investments in joining the bandwagon due to its efficiency when it comes to making profits using a powerful graphics card.

This cryptocurrency mining has made a huge impact on the GPU shortages that we are experiencing today as more and more people are trying to get their hands on the latest and powerful GPUs in the market.

Finally, another huge factor in this crisis is the scalpers. These people and their hacking schemes have enabled them to bypass any buying restrictions such as quantity limitations. They buy most, if not, all of the stocks they could get online and then resell them later at a ridiculously higher price.

That said, not only are we having shortages, we are also experiencing price hikes for these GPUs. And that’s not all, we are also seeing a price increase of the remaining graphics cards that are way older simply because the demands are extremely off the roofs!

Why the problem is still getting worse

As mentioned, the shortages can be caused by several factors such as cryptocurrency mining and scalpers. This and the fact that GPUs instantly fly off the shelves as soon as they are restocked is what makes the problem worse. It’s a perfect recipe for a shortage crisis.

Of course, the scalpers are perhaps the biggest culprit in this whole situation. Even if AMD and NVIDIA manage to double their stock, or at least, catch up, there’s a whole other niche that also demands the need for these GPUs such as the video game industry.

Gamers and even gaming companies like Sony who are still struggling to manufacture and ship their latest PS5 console are all trying to get their hands with the supply.

According to experts, it will take a year or so for NVIDIA and AMD to finally catch up and meet the demands for these GPUs. Their main goal is improving their production of the graphics card in the last quarter of 2021 and hopefully, by 2022, all will return to normal.

Solutions being taken

As you might have guessed, people and manufacturers themselves are finding several ways to solve these shortages. Here are some of the solutions that the world is trying.

Free market

It is perhaps a solution that doesn’t favor a specific type of consumer: the gamers. It is obvious at this point that many people who buy GPUs mainly to mine cryptocurrencies are those people who are willing to pay a fortune just so they can get more.

Manufacturer queues

Just like what it sounds like, this solution involves having the customers register and wait until stocks become available. You will get a queue number and notifications will be sent once it is your turn to make the purchase. The only downside for this is that there’s no guarantee on when you’ll get the GPUs themselves.

Retailer pre-orders

Somewhat similar to any regular queuing schemes, pre-orders may be one of the best bets you have. You pay upfront with the suggested retail price (nothing more, nothing less), and you just wait until the actual graphics cards arrive.

Retail lotteries

It is perhaps, in a sense, an amalgamation of every other solution on our list. Retailers would have you signed up and once the cards become available, you’ll be notified and you’ll then get the chance to pick a product of your liking if you are luckily drawn.However, the draw is usually underwhelming and the pricing leaves a lot to be desired. It’s like you’re far more likely to have something more rewarding at online casinos.