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Google Pixel 6 Ad Leaked, Reveals New Magic Eraser Feature

The Google Pixel 6 is likely to be powered by a Tensor chip built in-house; both the 6 and 6 Pro variants are expected to have significant camera enhancements. The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were unveiled in their entirety at the Pixel Fall launch: Check out the latest Singapore news about this latest piece of tech, it’s specs, features, pricing, and more in this article.

New features of the Google Pixel 6

Users of the Pixel 6 may communicate with others in a variety of languages, including English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese, using what’s called Live Translate. Language identification and processing take place solely on the device, and it works even when the device is not connected to the internet. Users will be able to take turns translating what has been spoken in up to 48 languages thanks to improved support for Interpreter mode.

Typing using your voice Users of the Google Pixel 6 may now use Assistant voice typing in Messages, Gmail, and other apps to type, edit, and send messages. Using only voice instructions, the Google Assistant assists with adding punctuation, making changes, inserting emojis, and sending messages.

A remarkable and powerful camera

Genuine Tone Google has added ‘Real Tone,’ which improves auto-exposure, reduces stray light, and reduces blurriness in portraits to ensure that photographs look beautiful for individuals of all races.

Instant access to Snapchat The new Simple Tap to Snap feature, which sends users right to the Snap camera with a quick double-tap on the back of the phone, will be available exclusively for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro later this year for instant Snapchat access.

According to AsiaOne, the Action Pan and Long Exposure are two choices on the Google Pixel 6’s Motion Mode, which add movement to photos. Action Pan allows users to snap images with a blurred background.

Unfold the magic with the Magic Eraser tool

The Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser tool can detect and recommend what should be removed from photographs, such as people in the background, power lines, and power poles. The user can then select whether to delete them all at once or one by one by tapping. Users will be able to clean up images taken years ago or on non-Pixel phones, and this will not be limited to newly captured photos.

Video Google claims that by incorporating elements of HDRNet directly onto the Tensor processor, it can now produce recordings with more accurate and vibrant colors in all video modes for the first time – even at 4K and 60 frames per second.

Motion Mode, Face Unblur, Speech enhancement mode for movies, and adding HDRnet to films are all enabled by the custom-made Tensor processor, which Google claims was built to operate with its own machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms.

More security

The Pixel 6 is the most secure Pixel to date, according to Google. Titan M2TM, which works in conjunction with the Tensor security core to protect sensitive user data, PINs, and passwords, is included. Buyers of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will also receive five years of security upgrades from Google.

Release date

Google’s Pixel release dates are also quite consistent: the company often makes its phones available for purchase within a week or two after their announcement. As a result, we should expect the Pixel 6 to be announced and released in October.

Google’s plans could be thrown off by a chip shortfall, delaying the Pixel 6’s release date to November or later. But, for the time being, we’re betting on it happening in October. Stay tuned for all the latest Singapore news in the tech world here at Straits Times.

The Pixel 6’s launch date was revealed when Google released a teaser trailer for the phone in September, which showed shots of the phone’s two-toned back with a band towards the top around the camera. The trailer concludes by stating that the new smartphone arrives in the fall of 2021.