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Gucci and Superplastic join forces to create SuperGucci NFTs

Our friends from SUPERPLASTIC is having a busy week, with only a few days after they unveiled their grand “HEADTRIPZ” NFT with collaborators in the likes of Paris Hilton and Iann Dior and now they are dropping another collab, this time with Gucci. 

A grand partnership

The collaboration with Gucci resulted in a project called “SUPERGUCCI” and it is a multifrontal collection of tangible and digital limited edition products. The launching date of the project is February 1 through the official site of SUPERPLASTIC and the products will be able to be purchased via Gucci’s Vault site.

The tripartite SUPERGUCCI series will begin with ten original NFTs with each one accompanied by a custom-built Italian ceramic sculpture designed by SUPERPLASTIC and Gucci.

Although both companies are silent about the design specifics of the project, they reassured that the products will merge the iconic elements of Gucci with the Janky and Guggimon characters from SUPERPLASTIC. 

As seen in the fancy teaser images that were dropped, the Janky products from SUPERPLASTIC has patterns from Gucci and is wearing the brand’s Aria cap along with a whole slew of monograms throughout the toy. 

During the same day that SUPERGUCCI will be launched, the digital Gucci Vault will be opened and the collectible products will be accessible with each one carefully chosen by creative head Alessandro Michele along and his team of digital archivist, individually categorized and will be ready to be shipped in original packaging. 

The collaborative NFTs and the ceramic sculptures that are adorned with designs from Gucci’s history are fitting to the SUPERGUCCI theme. The modernity of the NFT technology meets the classic iconography of Gucci.

Gucci’s venture into NFT

The SUPERGUCCI project is not the first time that Gucci ventured into the world of NFTs. The fashion house made an auction last year of their Aria NFT collection with costs that started at $20,000. It was considered as the most valuable Gucci product ever, aside from Roblox Gucci purses.

The second and third part of the SUPERGUCCI project is still shrouded in secrecy, just like the NFT and ceramic toy designs. However, we should expect some elaborate mashup of products and some high-concept Gucci wearable articles. 

Given that Gucci is known for its partnerships with an extensive nature—including the recent collaborations with Hot Wheels, Microsoft Xbox, and The North Face—the partnership with SUPERPLASTIC is a clear indicator that the fashion house will not stop expanding its already global reach. 

Bold and unique creations

On the other hand, SUPERPLASTIC is only giving its bold creations with tangible counterparts by partnering with luxury brands like Gucci and famous people like Paris Hilton. Also, let’s not forget that it is also going back to its roots with the upcoming project called Bored Ape Yacht Club of toys created for digital band Gorillaz.

SUPERPLASTIC is known for its popular creations of characters, two of which are Janky and Guggimon which also influenced their extensive collection of toy products. 

One of the successful campaigns of SUPERLASTIC is its project in summer of 2021 called The Janky Heist, which was presented by Christie’s Auctions and Private Sales, an auction house based in London. The project sold a stunning amount of 9,200 digital products and the reported highest bidding amount is at $52,000.


The recent collaboration of Gucci and SUPERPLASTIC is one of the surge in NFT projects that are participated by international brands and other known artists. The growing interest in NFT and the technology behind it is not going to stop soon and will continue to be explored by other brands. 

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